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Creative Bitchin’ at Tom, Dick & Harry’s.

The crazy from Kuching finally landed in KL and while were still at home gathering courage and mad skills, she was first taken under the wings of resident social slut, God. God continuously updated us with progress report via BBM (Blackberry Messaging for the uninitiated); what she’s eating, what she’s drinking, what she’s buying and etcetra. Even I personally was updated with multiple drunken messages from Crazy herself. The prospect of meeting her was becoming both scary and exciting.

Alas, the evening arrived. With a dog and a tiger in tow, I went to Tom, Dick & Harry’s to meet Crazy.

Cra cra with her pie.

The dog and the tiger.

Me and chicken chop.

Tiger with table manners, delicately sucking out marrow from the foot of a cow with a straw. Zaaaaaa!

And then Kadazan Princess and my Seksi Slave Driver joined us.

Deep fried Mars bars.

It was only my 2nd time at TDH. I went for their launch and was not immediately impressed but now I think I can definitely go there again for their selection of satisfying pub grub.

ST’s Beef Knuckle Zaaaaa! was particularly impressive and was surprisingly priced only in the region of RM20+. The chicken chop I had was tender on the inside and crispy on the outside. Yummeh! Vinegar and salt are available at every table to be doused over the awesome fries with, so that’s a very nice touch. According to Crazy, her beef pie was very good too. The fried Mars bars were actually quite delicious but beware, only order it when you’re on a sugar low.

The service is much better than Sid’s 1 and is infinitely faster even at full house. I think we’ve found a new dog friendly place to go.

18, Lorong Rahim Kajai 14,
Taman Tun Dr Ismail
Tel: 03 7729 5678

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Friday retail therapy.

Been ages since I had a girly day out, shopping and gossipping. Went to a shopping bazaar by Youth10 at PWTC first, then Bangsar and lastly Tropicana City Mall.

# – With FA.

# – Haze and her massive fried noodles.

Actually I’m stuck in a massive jam on LDP now, rushing home to prep up for Fashionista party at Maison.

Am gonna wear something I got from a boutique called Moosh in Bangsar. I love it, the colour, the design and the fact I could devour an entire buffet spread and still can rock it, tee hee.

# – My something from Moosh.

Can’t wait to wear it! Wheeeeee

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Can banking be better?

It started with a cheque. The cheque deposit machine was down so I had to bank it in the primitive way; filled out an envelope, put in the cheque and slipped it in a machine. Then I prayed and hope the bank would not mess it up. Of course it did -_-

One day, I received a call from the bank asking about a cheque that was being banked into a non-existent account. At that very moment, I realised I had mistakenly written the wrong bank account numbers on the envelope. So, I apologised profusely and asked about how to go about rectifying the mistake. The person over the phone told me to head to the branch where I had earlier tried to bank in the cheque.

To be honest, I thought it was very efficient of them to have called me to inform me of the problem and I thought it’s only fair to go to the bank to fix a problem which was caused by me. A day later, I went to the bank and that was when my nightmare began…

First of all, nobody knew which department was handling my kind of problem. I was practically bouncing from one counter to another. Seriously, it was very frustrating to wait such a long time only to be told, “Sorry mam, you have to go to XX counter for this”. In the end, I finally found out that the department I was supposed to go to was not even on the right floor!

I had to climb up two flights of stairs and what greeted me was this ugly, sterile looking office with a locked door and a square hole in the wall, not unlike your neighbourhood polyclinic in the 70s -_-. The reason why there’s a hole in the wall? It’s so that you can speak with someone through the hole, that is if someone was willing to move his or her fat ass from the office chairs and walk towards the hole to speak to you!

Seriously I was standing right at the hole, if I could stick my head through it, I would but a glass stopped me from doing so. I knocked on the glass (because there was no bell or anything to catch their attention) and a few of the staff looked up to see where the sound came from, only to look away as soon as they spotted me!

First, you couldn’t even tell me the right department to go to, now that I was at the right department none of you even had the decency to attend to me?? All this crap because I mistakenly wrote the wrong bank account numbers on your stupid tedious envelope?

Finally, someone did walk towards me and asked me what’s my business there. I explained to him my situation but all I got was a blank face. And the phrase that came out from his mouth next was appalling but yet unsurprising to me, “I don’t know who’s handling your case”. And then there was silence.

Seriously, what kind of customer service is this? I can’t even begin to fathom the level of stupidity that these people possess. And guess what? I’m the one that had entrusted them with my money, my life savings! Guess the stupid one is me, huh.

Anyway, back to my predicament. Turned out the person who was supposedly handling (and I’m using the word “handling” here with very little conviction because the people cannot confirm if it was really him) my case was out for a “tea break” and I decided to just come back another day. And I did and guess what? He’s still on that “tea break” it seemed.

This time around, I demanded that someone attended to my case regardless of who was handling it. I told them that this was unacceptable. Long story short, I never really got to meet the person handling my case but I received a call later on asking me to go back to the bank again, to a specific counter, to speak to a specific person.

I straightaway said “no”, lets settle it over the phone right here, right now. I told the person my correct bank account number and requested that he bank in the cheque ASAP using the account numbers I had just given him. He was hesitant. And then I asked him, what was so difficult about it as if they could verify the bank account number and if the name matched the one on the cheque, there’s nothing to worry about right? He gave out a hesitant “yes”.

So after two weeks of headache, my cheque was finally banked in and seriously, from then on I do not ever want to deal with people from that bank ever again. Seriously, I wonder whether can banking be better?

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