Creative Bitchin’ at Tom, Dick & Harry’s.

The crazy from Kuching finally landed in KL and while were still at home gathering courage and mad skills, she was first taken under the wings of resident social slut, God. God continuously updated us with progress report via BBM (Blackberry Messaging for the uninitiated); what she’s eating, what she’s drinking, what she’s buying and etcetra. Even I personally was updated with multiple drunken messages from Crazy herself. The prospect of meeting her was becoming both scary and exciting.

Alas, the evening arrived. With a dog and a tiger in tow, I went to Tom, Dick & Harry’s to meet Crazy.

Cra cra with her pie.

The dog and the tiger.

Me and chicken chop.

Tiger with table manners, delicately sucking out marrow from the foot of a cow with a straw. Zaaaaaa!

And then Kadazan Princess and my Seksi Slave Driver joined us.

Deep fried Mars bars.

It was only my 2nd time at TDH. I went for their launch and was not immediately impressed but now I think I can definitely go there again for their selection of satisfying pub grub.

ST’s Beef Knuckle Zaaaaa! was particularly impressive and was surprisingly priced only in the region of RM20+. The chicken chop I had was tender on the inside and crispy on the outside. Yummeh! Vinegar and salt are available at every table to be doused over the awesome fries with, so that’s a very nice touch. According to Crazy, her beef pie was very good too. The fried Mars bars were actually quite delicious but beware, only order it when you’re on a sugar low.

The service is much better than Sid’s 1 and is infinitely faster even at full house. I think we’ve found a new dog friendly place to go.

18, Lorong Rahim Kajai 14,
Taman Tun Dr Ismail
Tel: 03 7729 5678

Hobahn – Korean Restaurant at Waterfront, Desa ParkCity

I love korean food. But I always had to go all the way to Ampang for good yet decently priced Korean grub. The nearest Korean restaurant near Bandar Sri Damansara (where we’re staying) was in Kepong Baru and it’s not exactly very near also. The traffic was another factor that prevented us from having Korean food as often as we like. Then came Charlie, and it’s even more difficult to find a place that could accommodate dogs.

That’s why I was very thrilled when I noticed that a Korean restaurant had opened at Waterfront Desa ParkCity, our regular place to walk Charlie. Recently, Waterfront management has begun to allow dog owners to sit outside of their restaurant premises with their furkids and this Korean restaurant is one of them. So another plus point for me. As far as I’m concerned, only Kluang Station and the steamboat place there do not allow dogs inside or out – so my middle finger to them.

Charlie chilling out while we nom on Korean food.

The Korean restaurant is called Hobahn. It’s situated right between Aino Kitchen and the pharmacy.It offers the Korean BBQ that we’re all familiar with and plenty of other dishes and pretty good set deals. And the best thing of them all? It serves pork :D

Hobahn Korean Restaurant

I have dined there 3 times and I was happy everytime. Unfortunately I have not gotten the chance to taste the BBQ because it’s always just the two of us but I’m definitely going to give the BBQ a go.

Pork bibimbap for 1 person but good enough for 2 – tasty :)

Kimchi tofu soup – hot, spicy and appetising..also good enough for 2 people.

Teriyaki fried chicken – crunchy and flavourful. Thumbs up!

The restaurant is clean and comfortable, got indoor and outdoor.

A picture of me cause I feel like it.

Bonus point for kimchi lovers. They sell them by the boxes so you can enjoy them at home.

Total damage: RM52.80. Before I finish, I would like to stress the importance of keeping your dogs well-behaved whenever you bring them out to public places. Make sure they’re toilet-trained and do not bark incessantly and keep them under control at all time. Don’t let them climb onto tables or lick from the restaurant’s utensils. All I’m saying is, you want to be able to bring your furkids out, then you got to be a responsible dog owner and convince the restaurateurs that not all dogs spell trouble. If you are unable to control your dogs, please don’t bother and ruin it for the rest of us. Stay home and watch lots of Cesar Millan instead.

Hobahn Korean Restaurant
GF-12, The Waterfront @ Parkcity,
5 Persiaran Residen,
Desa Parkcity,
52200 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: +603-62808713
Fax: +603-62808715

Pre-CNY reunion dinner at Fitou with #porkgang

Since everyone has somewhere to go during Chinese New Year, #porkgang decided to get together with all the furkids to celebrate pre-CNY at Fitou, Desa Park City. Eric booked the table under “porkgang” and according to Kerol, that was exactly what was written on the placard on the table. Haha. There were 13 of us not including 5 bitches and 1 dawg.

Food was awesomesauce, especially for the price. The salads were particularly outstanding.

Country Farmer salad. Prawns, thick bacon and fresh crisp lettuce. Nais!

Pork burger. Big, juicy & delicious!

Paella for 2. Very moist & flavourful. Thumbs up!

Some kinda pork in black pepper based sauce. Pretty good if you like the spicy.

Carbonara. Rich and creamy in the tastiest way ever. Awesomesauce!!!

Introducing the bitches and the stud….

CheddieSluttyBitch. As you can see, living up to her namesake.

KoyukiGanasBitch. Should change name dy. KoyukiMensaBitch or something. Fucking smart, cannot believe.

EmoQQ. Possibly the soon-to-be latest addition to my family :) She looks a splitting image of #EmoCharlie <3 <3

Last but not least, the handsome EmoCharlie. Which is him? The one that looks exactly like daddy, of course.

And now…the secondary characters at dinner.

Ah Horng & Selina.

Haze and the ex joined us a while later and I didn’t get to take any picture of her. I love Haze very much and you shall find out why in coming posts. In the meantime, check out her blog for awesomesauce makeup & fashion tutorials. And if you want to revamp your blog, look no further cause Haze is your woman.

Here’s a photo lifted from Haze’s blog.

Damn hot right? Well, truth is she doesn’t look like that without makeup, so what I’m saying is her makeup skills are damn l33t. Hahahaha jangan bunuh aku!!!

Yours truly and ST.

After dinner, we walked the dogs at the park. All the pups running alongside and chasing each other. So HAPPY!!

And the last picture to complete this entry…

Furong jiejie and Charlie.

Happy Chinese New Year peeps!

Fitou Brasserie
Lot GF2, The Waterfront @ Park City,
5 Persiaran Residen,
Desa Park City,
52200 Kuala Lumpur.
Contact: 03-6280 8978


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