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One night in Bangkok

We found ourselves in Bangkok for one night after a whirlwind time in Northern Thailand. Seeing I only had one night, I ditched the women who wanted to go shopping and hung out with my male friends for food and sleazy fun :P

Moving around in Bangkok is so easy. Of course you can take the MRT, but the best transportation for me were the quirky, multi-coloured taxis. They are so cheap too!!

Got Burberry seats one, don’t mess.

Our first stop was Scirocco at State Tower. At first I was hesitant to visit some building’s rooftop for drinks having had particularly unremarkable experience in KL itself with Luna Bar. Thankfully, my friends managed to persuade me and I was so glad I did!!

The view from Scirocco was out of this world. I think the relatively flat Bangkok city helped with the view a lot. In KL, there are so many buildings that obstruct your view from say Sky Bar or Lunar Bar that it just isn’t that impressive anymore.

With my my friends at Scirocco. In the background is The Dome.

I didn’t have a decent camera with me, so all I can do is to rip off someone’s picture of Scirocco to illustrate how beautiful the place was :P

Borrowed from:

After Scirocco, we went to Chinatown, to a location specifically across the road from White Orchid Hotel. A row of stalls dotted the road and as I exited the cab I could smell of sorts of tasty.

Bangkok Chinatown.

Rows of stalls on one side of the road.

We sat down at a particular stall with a big basin of delicious smelling braised pork. At this point I had gotten really excited.

My friends did the ordering and before I knew it, a plate of unassuming rice and braised pork had arrived at our table.

Rice with preserved mustard cabbage (mui choy), braised pork and a half of a juicy salted egg.

Oh my lard it was so good. If you like eating pork, you would understand what I’m saying. Perfectly braised pork that melts in your mouth with piping hot rice, occasionally broken by the sweet-sour vegetables and salted egg just to keep things interesting. I’m missing it already!!!

And then more dishes came.

Anti-clockwise from bottom: Fish maw soup, roast pork, glutinous rice balls and the aforementioned braised pork rice.

The fish maw soup was great – flavourful and packed to the brim with the rather luxurious fish maw. The roast pork was definitely not in the same league as Pudu’s siu yuk but could definitely hold its own. Glutinous rice balls were ordinary, I prefer the ones I made…hehehe.

After the meal, we moved on to a different stall for something more soupy to wash everything down.

Can you tell what he’s making??

Kueh Teow soup with roast pork and hot & spicy pork gut soup.

Can’t describe my happiness in words. Only the following picture can paint a clearer picture of how good the food were.

So unlady-like :P

With my friends. Left to right: Terence, Alex’s friend, Nigel, Alex’s Friend 2 and Alex.

After a good feast, we adjourned to Soi Cowboy, a famous red light district in Bangkok.

At the entrance of Soi Cowboy with Nigel and Alex.

We went to an agogo club, which name has already escaped me. We sat on the upper floor, drank Hoegarden while watching a dozen pre-pubescent Thai girls dancing in super tiny miniskirts and topless. Then I went downstairs for the ladies’ room, looked up and realised that the dancefloor upstairs was transparent. So I saw labias, a lot of different kinds of labias :D

Pictures were not allowed in the club. I did try to take one but was reprimanded by a waitress and had to delete the picture on the spot. Was told that if I pulled that trick again, I would be thrown out :P

In the end, all I managed was this picture of me in the toilet of a Bangkok’s agogo club.

The novelty of breast and vaginas finally wore off and we decided to head back to the lovely Montien Hotel, our accommodation for the night.

Back in my room, I popped out the bird’s nest soup that I had bought earlier, surfed the Internet a little while enjoying my bowl of bird’s saliva and finally retired to one of the best sleeps of my life.

And that ladies & gentlemen, was my one night in Bangkok.

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