Fifth and last day in Bangkok with mom

It was our fifth and last day in Bangkok. We had a lot of time to kill after checking out as the flight home was in the evening.

We took the train to Ekamai station and exited straight into this Japanese shopping complex called Gateway.

# Gateway Ekamai.


It was a nice place to chill…generally reminded me of Great Eastern Mall at Jalan Ampang.

Our first stop was teatime at this restaurant that served only dessert called Kyo Roll En.

# – Kyo Roll En.


It served these Japanese swiss rolls of various flavours that are so light and delicious!

# – Mom’s matcha ichigo roll, matcha/black sesame ice cream and fresh fruits with a matcha truffle.


# – My ichigo roll, black sesame ice cream, fresh fruits and a chocolate truffle.


# – Momsy.


After dessert, we had a mini spree at Boots again :P

And then we had a not so mini spree at a shop called Tsuruha that sells all kinds of Japanese skincare and masks. On top of few random lipsticks, liners and lotions, we bought a few hundred ringgit worth of facial masks for our pro-youth initiatives.

Then we ate again…at this place called Hinaya.

We laughed about eating so much Japanese food in Thailand. Then we decided that our next holiday should be Japan!

Maybe I haven’t been to the nicer Japanese restaurants but I think the Japanese food in Malaysia is nicer…more delicate.

# – Mentaiko on tamago, some kinda summer roll, sushi tamago, gyoza and barachirashi.


And then it was time to head back to the hotel, where our bags were kept still.

Took the same taxi from the day before.
While approaching a toll, Mr. Meter Taxi, seriously he insisted that it’s his name said, “Safety belt”.

Thinking it must be cops or something, we obediently pulled the belts out to find that there’s no way to buckle them.

So we held the buckles down with our hands….until not long after passing the toll, Mr Meter Taxi said, “Safety belt” again.

Baffled, I repeated after him, “Safety belt?”.

“Ya, ya safety belt.”

We tugged at our safetybelts to show that we were using them.

A couple more exchanges on safety belts before I realised he had meant “sixty baht”. Poor man was just asking for the toll money.

Mom and I couldn’t stop laughing while handing him the money.

The most epic part of this story soon followed.

Mr Meter Taxi turned on his radio and started singing along to Michael Learns to Rock in perfect English!

# – A zebra in Mr. Meter Taxi’s taxi.


By the way, if you would like a taxi driver who knows his city, is polite, sweet and charges reasonably for airport transfer in BKK, Mr. Meter Taxi’s number is 0823342346. His English is not great so be more patient when trying to communicate with him.

We arrived in the airport, did just a little more shopping and then flew home.

And that was how our Bangkok trip went – brilliantly.

Fourth day in Bangkok with mom

We have done the markets and street food so on 4th day, we decided to posh it up a little.

Took the train to Siam. Went to Fuji at Siam Centre for a nice Japanese lunch. Over-ordered, naturally.

# – Our lunch.


After lunch, we discovered that there’s a Madame Tussard’s museum in Siam Centre and since neither mom nor me has been to any of the museums; we bought the tickets.

The tour was quite fun actually. I thought I would be bored but it was actually quite surreal to see the wax figures.

They really did look pretty realistic except for a few personalities.

# – Hugh Jackman seems smaller than I had in mind but still too hot for words.

# – Yao Ming is freakishly tall.

# – With my childhood sweetheart, Thomas Cruise Mapother IV.

Must say that I was relieved that Tom is actually quite a lot taller than I had expected. 

# – Discussing putting strategies with my mate, Eldrick.

# – Clooney romancing my mom.

After Madame Tussard’s, we had a mini spree at Boots. Then, we hopped over to Siam Paragon which was filled with Chinese tourists.

By the way, I think it is incredibly thoughtful and considerate of the management to put up makeshift tunnel for patrons to cross the Square at first sign of rain.

# – Makeshift tunnel to shelter patrons from wind and and rain.

We took a cab to Yaowarat or Chinatown for an early dinner. Ate at my favorite restaurant.

# – All these food for only 1000 baht including drinks.

After dinner, we explored Chinatown a little and bought some snacks before heading back to our hotel.

# – Lady making one of my favourite snacks, the “kanom buang”.

Took a cab driven by a badass looking man with the gentlest of demeanor.

How gentle? He got into a sneezing frenzy and apologetically said,”Eh sir cue see kap” :)

In fact, we like him so much, we are going to use him for our trip to the airport.

Once back, we rested for a bit before going for a 2 hour Thai massage at the same place. I am so pleased that we have managed to get a massage in daily for the past 4 days. We have been kneaded all out!

Really enjoyed this trip with my mommy. Glad we are quite the same type of holidaymakers – emphasis on food, shopping, unfussy and playing by ears. Though, she likes to wake me up a lot earlier than I care for hehehe

Can’t believe our holiday is ending :(

Third day in Bangkok with mom

Mom and I took the train to Chatuchak, a first time experience for both of us.

It was surprisingly stress-free. We are both pretty adverse to public transportation you see. In fact we were so impressed by the ride we’re going to spend most of tomorrow touring Bangkok via the BTS Skytrain!

# – In the train.

From On Nut station, we headed to Mo Chit station, pretty much from one end to the other on the Sukhumvit line.

It took only about 20 or 25 minutes though…about the same or less time than a cab ride minus the surly drivers and traffic jams.

# – Mummy in Chatuchak. Her first time!

# – Noodles for lunch.

We spent about 3 hours there…pretty short by our standard but guess the heat got to us. We bought a few things.

# – Haul from Chatuchak.

I forgot to mention that both of us had minor diarrhoea from too much spicy food in the past couple of days. It was the longest train ride we had ever taken lol

We reached back hotel, pooped and checked out Tesco Lotus which is around the corner from our hotel.

At Tesco also we managed to shop. Bought underwears and a couple of pairs of shoes.

After Tesco, decided we needed our hair washed. Found a salon a few steps away from our hotel.

It was 90baht each for a wash and a gorgeous blow dry. My hair is still holding on after being exposed to the outdoors, massaged vigorously and lied on.

# – Best RM9 I have ever spent on!

Then we explored a shopping centre called Big C Extra. Had a bland dinner at a chain restaurant due to earlier diarrhoea episode and then went shopping.

Found a couple of trift shops and went straight into ultra efficient mode – scan, discard or buy.

# – This is my favourite haul despite that some of their previous owners might be dead.

After that we went for a massage. Found this massage place that was so cheap with wonderful service.

How cheap?

How about 300baht for 2 hour Thai massage and 500baht for 2 hour oil massage? Ridiculous!

Located at Sukhumvit Road, same row as my hotel, the Imm Fusion Sukhumvit and Metropolitan Water Authority building; it is just a few shops away. Don’t know the shop’s name cause it is all in Thai but there’s a small police hut right in front of it. The path between the shop and police hut is unusually narrow.

After the massage we got back to snack. We ate and we ate….

# – Soon to be junk in my trunk.

Mom tried to heat up a dumpling with the bedside lamp.

# – Mom insisted it worked because the dumpling wasn’t stone cold. Ok.

Mom has hit the sack while I am blogging this. Was a nice day :)