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Second day in Bangkok with mom

We woke up early and headed to Platinum Fashion Mall. It is literally Chatuchak with air conditioning and naturally my favourite place in Bangkok.
We fuelled up with some awesome claypot beef noodles. Love Platinum’s food court! Cheap and delicious!

# – Yummy beef noodles. Tendons, liver, meat slices etc.

Then we shopped till our backs were on the verge of breaking. Decided to rest and eat more.

# – Deep fried catfish with vegetable and belacan dip. Fried quail eggs. Yummy yumyum.

After the break, we continued shopping until we couldn’t shop anymore…

Lugging heavy bags of clothes, we decided to get a taxi to take us back to hotel during rush hour.

3 taxis declined to take us before we got on a tuktuk which charged quite expensive.

He was driving about a km in when he asked us to do one “tourist visit” for 3 minutes. Flat out refused, he even offered to reduced our fares. We got him to stop his vehicle and we got off.

Finally we found a taxi which would take us. Still wasn’t an especially nice experience when your taxi driver kept making his annoyance known that you had gotten him stuck in a traffic jam.

Anyway we reached in one piece,  albeit over an hour.

Ate dinner,  we showered. Tried on our new clothes. Talked about who’s got bigger nipples, not me.

# – The loot.

Then we had a massage. Came back to snack in our room, watched silly reality programes on tv and now mummy sleeps while I blog this.

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First day in Bangkok with mom

As you probably have known, am on holiday with my mummy in one of my favourite cities – Bangkok.

We are staying in the Sukhumvit area. Thought I’d try somewhere else other than Yaowarat aka Chinatown.

We arrived in the afternoon, perfect for a lunch of tender braised pork trotter, intestines and pickled mustard leaves with rice.

Found this restaurant while trawling a narrow foot path dotted with stalls.

# – Service with a grin is slightly better than service with a smile.

# – My perfect lunch.

After lunch, we bought more food; snacks for when we’re resting in our room. Saw this pudgy cat sleeping right at the front of a shop’s entrance #likeaboss

# – Comfortable.

# – We bought too much food for two.

# – Good thing about hanging out with mom…..access to properly plated street snacks. There were more food that’s not in picture :P

After that, we food coma napped for a couple of hours before heading out for oil massages. It was soooOo good.

Then we bought more snacks from a nearby convenience store. Then, we ate supper of noodles and mussel pancakes right outside our hotel.

# – Supper time! That is mummy waiting for our food.

And here I am now, lying in bed, digesting & blogging this post. Thanks for reading!

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Eating bird’s spit soup in Bangkok.

I grew up eating bird’s nest and I never knew they were made of bird’s spit until one day, a documentary told me so.

# – A bowl of spit, served with a half boiled egg, gingko nuts and syrup.

Surprisingly, I wasn’t shocked or disgusted. I guess I’ve always been quite gungho and adventurous when it comes to food, I even had a very specific goal of eating dog meat (that’s before I own a dog and vehemently hated pets).

I no longer want to eat dogs and the thought of it and other people doing it truly makes my stomach churns.

# – Mind boggling variety of bird’s nest. The staff tried to convince me to try something that cost a few hundred Ringgit a bowl. Tough luck.

Today I spoke to a friend who’s in China now to study the language and he told me he couldn’t eat pork anymore because his neighbour owns a teacup pig. I can so totally relate.

As much as I really want to own a teacup pig, please don’t give me a teacup pig because I will just stop eating pork, sorry #porkgang. They are so freaking cute!!!!!

# – I went for the cheapest one, RM30 a bowl. I liked that you could control the sweetness of the soup.

Anyway, this was about bird’s nest isn’t it? Sorry about the digression. I just wanted to post some pictures of me eating bird’s spit. I do not have anything intellectual or insightful to speak about this experience of mine.

# – Actually I was most excited about eating the half-boiled egg. Arguably, the bird’s nest made the egg even silkier and tastier.

Have a good weekend, peeps!

Burapa Bird’s Nest
Thanon Plaeng Nam, Samphanthawong,
Bangkok 10100, Thailand.

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