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Special People at the swimming pool.

Had a twitter debate (more sensitive ones would call it “Twitter War”) with someone I do not know on the definition of special people. It’s a meaningless past time I sometimes indulge on due to boredom and for the sheer joy of twisting your panties into a knot. I mean no harm, as always, hehehe. Some people really do need to lighten up and be able to laugh at themselves, seriously. :)

So hope you can be entertained by pictures of these special people swimming at the pool. :D

# – Kerol, Suan, ST, KY and Haze posing above water.

# – Kerol, Suan, ST, KY and Haze posing under water.

# – Me. Cannot open eyes under water. Fail.

# – KY. Can open eyes a bit under water. Half win.

# – Kerol. Can open eyes big big under water. Win!

# – Haze and KY chilling out.

# – Kerol, me and Suan trying to keep our feet above water.

# – Underwater copulation. Just kidding!!!!!

# – ST kena conned to back flip into water by KY.

# – Aquatic gymnastic 1.

# – Aquatic gymnastic 2.

This is my definition of special people. Don’t we make you feel like jumping into a body of water now? Damn weather.

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