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All it takes is one promise.

The impact of a promise honoured is very powerful. All it takes is just one person, such as you and I, to promise and follow through a simple act of kindness and we could make a world of difference to the lives of the less fortunate.

With this in mind, the Truly Loving Company (TLC) is launching “TLC Promise Me“, a platform to engage the community for charitable causes. Promise Me is about gathering and distributing the energy of the community in helping the less fortunate, disabled and underprivileged in our society.

# – The Truly Loving Company (TLC)

By giving everyone an opportunity to fulfill the different wishes of the less fortunate, TLC Promise Me aims to amass as many caring participants as possible to pledge their promises to help these people. I suppose you can look at TLC Promise Me as something like a matchmaking service for pledgers and wishes. Some of the wishes may be easily materialised and others may require some effort from the pledger but under TLC Promise Me, every wish is equally deserving and participants can choose to pledge for wishes that they are most capable and comfortable of achieving.

# – TLC Promise Me Campaign

Whether it’s an orphan who wishes to learn how to ride a bicycle or an elderly stroke patient hoping to hang out at Starbucks, you can help make a difference to their lives by pledging a promise and following through with it. Through TLC Promise Me, everyone can have the opportunity to touch someone’s life and gain an insight into their less privileged situations.

Personally, I have pledged to raise funds to buy a hospital bed for Goo Tyng Tong, a bed-ridden 17-year-old under the care of Handicapped and Mentally Disabled Children’s Association of Johor (one of the charity partners of TLC). Born in Kota Kinabalu in 1993, he’s only a a year junior to my youngest brother. I can’t imagine how hard it is to be constrained by your own body and I think for him to have a proper hospital bed would greatly improve his daily life.

Sometimes, I do wonder what’s the use of this blog other than to satisfy my craving for attention and to earn some money through advertorials so this time, I’m really happy that there are people like those from TLC who can give me the opportunity to use this website as an outlet to do something more meaningful than posting inane pictures of myself. I’ve been blogging since 2003 and I hope especially readers who’ve been with me through thick and thin can see how important this is to Goo and myself and hopefully, you guys could help me, help him.

I’ve already got some ideas on how to raise funds but if you have any in mind, feel free to state your suggestions in the comment box below. Every suggestion taken and every contribution will be duly credited during this entire process.

TLC Promise Me will be officially launched on 5th July 2010 at 4.00 pm, Bangsar Shopping Centre Concourse. It will be officiated by Dato’ Sri Shahrizat Binti Abdul Jalil, the Minister of Women, Family and Community Development. If you would like to find out more about this campaign and on how you can help, do drop by the launch.

Venue: Bangsar Shopping Centre Concourse
Date: 5 July 2010, Monday
Time: 4pm

One month to getting Goo a proper hospital bed. Wish me luck as this is my promise to him and I intend to fulfill it.

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Havoc at 3am.

So it was our final night in Redang. First of all, Joe, God and FA got crazy drunk in a drinking game challenge with the Redang “natives”. Kerol, seeing how drunk Joe, God and FA had gotten, decided to hit the sack instead (to avoid being peed on /inside joke). Horng stuck around because FA might need assistance to return to her room and he’s just a gentleman like that. As for myself, I just did not want to be in the same room with KY and Haze (insert reason). All of use were supposed to stay up for the 2.30am match between Brazil and Ivory Coast but by now you could have guessed that the plan all went to shit.

Then, the very intoxicated FA, decided to venture onto the beach alone, in the dark. As we all love her so dearly, we all (Joe, Horng, God and me) also ran out to the beach to try and rescue her from rapists, Ewoks and stuff like that. What we stumbled upon was nothing menacing but just a lone boat moored on the beach. And that was when we were all bitten by a bug, the drunken cawhoring bug.

# – It started out innocently enough.

# – The madness slowly but surely creeping in….

Next thing we knew, we were inside the boat.

# – Sailors.

# – Mad sailors.

# – We can haz muscles.

# – There were only 3 drunks on this boat. Who said drunkenness was not contagious?

# – The waves are strong in this one.

Some exploration of the boat led us to believe that the roof was made of extremely sturdy material.

# – Look ma, we’re hanging!

# – The angel has strong legs.

# – I wanted to swing from my legs like the angel too.

# – And I succeeded, with much support from God.

Then we played on the sandy beach (anyone ever noticed that “sandy beach” is such a redundant phrase?).

# – Some dance.

# – Joe’s headstand failed to materialise.

# – And clothes began to shed…

# – Don’t mess with God.

In time, boredom set in. We continued with a more ambitious but abundant prop, the cool big sea. And a stolen stool.

# – I can stand on water, don’t incur my wrath fuckers.

For the life of me I can’t figure out how God’s wallet and everything inside could get soaking wet and why does God even needed a wallet in the first place?

The camera’s battery eventually failed and we had to substitute flash with torchlight.

# – I think we’re getting into positions here, or not.

# – To think that it all started out so innocently.

When the last of the battery life was snuffed out, we finally retreated to our rooms. And had the most torturous drive back to KL the next day.

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Might as well jump!

Okay it’s Monday and I’m recovering from a weekend of bad stomach and England’s epic loss to Germany :(

Here are some pictures of us attempting to jump so that we look carefree, happy and stuff like that. Cue “Jump” from Glee.

# – Gaining momentum.

# – Jump!

# – Looks like we’re doing some weird touch the sky dance here. Check out FA‘s elevated tip toe dance.

# – Timing off. But boy, Kerol can jump!

# – Me and Haze managed to lift off after Kerol has landed.

# – Everybody got a lift-off!

Lastly, a sexyback picture to end this post.

# – Can you tell who is who?

RIP England /sobs

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