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Awesomesauce Michael’s awesomesauce BBQ birthday party

In conjunction with his birthday, Michael invited us to Genting last Saturday for his and his brother, Lance’s infamous BBQ party. Seriously, when Michael invites you to a bbq party, there’s absolutely no reason not to appear.

Reasons being:

1. You don’t have to do any cooking.

We just sat around, talking cock and traumatising children while Lance grilled away. It’s the best BBQ scenario ever!

# – Lance is a master BBQ chef. He creates magic with just one can of Skol beer.

# – Dude is in his element, I tell you!

2. Food is awesomesauce. And I mean, AWESOMESAUCE!

I don’t have enough exclamation marks to express just how amazing the foods were. Everything was perfectly marinaded, perfectly grilled and perfectly right at home in the mouth. Mucho respect to Lance.

# – Chicken with stuffing wrapped in bacon (definitely one of my top favourites) and next to it, lamb chop!!!!

# – Pigs in blankets. 70% of my stomach space was filled with this. I’ve never had pigs in blankets that taste like that. This stuff is addictive!!!!

# – Gourmet kebabs!!!! Don’t think you can find anything close to this anywhere.

# – Beautiful lamb rack and more pigs in blankets!!!!

# – Check out the beauty of these racks again!!!! Meat literally melted on my tongue, it’s that good.

If you want these gourmet goodies for your own BBQ parties, please check out this website for information on how to place an order!

3. Dog friendly!! Heheh

Okay, reason number 3 is supposed to be the free-flow drinks of beers, various spirits and moonshines but since I can’t drink to save my life this will not be a main reason :P Anyway, thanks Michael for whipping up the most awesome bucket of non-alcoholic punch for me and the kids.

# – A pony or a dog? Who can tell anymore these days?

# – Ally, Fatty and Senna in her Loch Ness costume.

# – Giving Brandy a shiatsu with the support of yk Jr.

4. Michael‘s 15th anniversary of his 18th Birthday!

Drunk twittering wtf.

Why only one candle??

Awwwwww ;)

Happy birthday Michael and thanks for having us at your awesomesauce to the max BBQ party. Can’t wait for the next round!!

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