Gatsby Deodorant Street Fair – Largest Blogger Gathering

Gatsby Deodorant Street Fair happened 2 weeks ago at Berjaya Times Square and thank goodness I was there because I got to participate in the largest blogger gathering in Malaysia, EVER!

Setting a record!

518 bloggers altogether, all wearing red t-shirts (some joked it’s reminiscent of Bangkok’s insurgency :P) gathered to set a Malaysia record….it was cool as hell!

Sea of red.

Of course, the record was officially announced by none other than Malaysia Book of Records so yeah, it’s a real one!!!

Real one :D

There were a lot of fun carnival games at the event and being a tard, I couldn’t resist testing my riding skills on the mechanical bull. Eversince watching Miranda ripping her shirt open on an episode of Sex and the City, I was determined to ride a mechanical bull as sexily as she did.

Some dude on the bull.

Well, you’ve probably seen it coming…yes, I failed max. So much so my pendant snapped right off of my necklace -_-

Feel free to watch how I embarrassed myself in public.

And then, as if the embarrassment was not enough, I proceeded to cajole Niki into participating in a gladiator fight, with…guess who? Me. I’m sorry Mother for I know no shame.

Warming up with Niki.

Stepping into the arena.

FOR GLORY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Watch how Niki pwn my sorry arse. Damn Jupiter’s cock -_-

And watch ST vs 4’9″ lolololoolooololololololo

Ok enough of stuff that I don’t want my children to see next time, here are some more dignified pictures from the event.

ST with fangirls.

With Michelle (the one who needs to get a Blackberry pronto) and Fresh (the one who doesn’t know you’re tweetjacking her even if you’re doing it right in front of her).

More events like this please, Gatsby!


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