The make up gift for a stolen buffalo wing.

Last weekend the man took me to Chili’s for lunch. I don’t know if it’s age or what but I don’t really fancy heavy tex-mex food so much nowadays and about the only dish I like now is buffalo wings. So imagine how pissed off I was when he took the last buffalo wing after I had only eaten one.


So the bf, perhaps was trying to pacify me…quickly said that he would get me shoes and a new pair of glasses to make it up for me. And I agreed, even tweeted about it so that 650+ people can bear witness to his promise.

So after lunch, we went to an optical shop in 1Utama. After an hour later of trying on frames, I found The One. Chose some sweet Hoya transition lenses too. Hehehe.

So, this is my new look….

Cute or not!

As for the shoes, hehehe no shoes because entire budget busted by like 3 times just for the glasses :P