2nd anniversary of Tweeting.

Two years ago, I chose the maligned date of 1st April to join Twitter. It’s been 730 days with 5085 tweets and counting. I am following 170 people and my account has successfully amassed a humble number of 654 followers.


I’ve been trying for a while to find out my very first tweet but at last, twitter.com doesn’t keep archived tweets for that long. So if you’re reading this and you think you might still have time, check out website like this and this to find out what your 1st tweet was.

Along the way, I also got into the habit of posting pictures on my tweets via twitpic.com. I absolutely adore it! My very first twitpic was this picture I took of myself at the salon to immortalise the only time in my life where I had a nice hairdo…for 2 days.

The 1st twitpic.

And by the way, I found the hair salon by asking on Twitter.

I love how I can contact my bf faster by tweeting than a call or sms. I love how I feel closer to my mom now that she’s on twitter too. On a side note, do follow her she gets very excited when she gets a follower! I love how we can organise a fairly large outing with #porkgang through twitter (although it’s fast being replaced by Blackberry Messaging, hehe). I love how everyone is so quick to offer solutions or opinions when I asked on Twitter, it has saved me from trouble so many times. I love how twitter has become the eyes and lips of KL traffic conditions. I love how you can see totally see how witty or un-witty a person is in under 140 characters.

Of course there are things that I don’t like too. Like how I don’t like it when the fail whale appears. Oh man, I really don’t like when I accidentally twitted something personal via a client’s corporate account. I don’t like it when people RT incessantly. Really, something is wrong when you have more RTs than original tweets. And I don’t like it when a bunch of social media douche bags claim themselves to be authorities of the “social media tool” and start offering talks, sometimes charging people for it.

So yes, Tweeting is a major part of my life (and I realise how fucking pathetic I just sounded). Yes, it’s absolutely self-indulgent and narcissistic to do so and yes, I have the unfortunate delusion of believing my tweets are super interesting and funny. So follow me at https://www.twitter.com/kimberlycun and help me get 1000 followers :D