Thai Fish Farm Restaurant

My mom has been raving about this place for a while but we never got around to check it out. Apparently they offer really delicious seafood with decent price tags to boot. The way my mom described the place seemed a little far-fetched too. According to her, it’s nestled in the hills of Hulu Langat and the signboard is so small and inconspicuous, first timers are very likely to miss it. If you’re lucky enough to find the entrance though (which is just a couple of hundreds metres from the infamous Lookout Point), you have to drive some distance on a nasty, bumpy dirt path to the restaurant, which is built right by a supposedly natural pond!

I was a little skeptical but imagine my surprise when everything that my mom said turned out to be true. It was fun, much like embarking on a dangerous gastronomic adventure right in my backyard.

It was Sunday evening and the place was packed to the max. We had to queue up for a while but the operator was very efficient in crowd management. Before we got a table, they had already taken down our orders so by the time we plonked our starved, skinny arses on the seats the food were already coming in droves.

#1 – Full house.
Thai Fish Farm Restaurant

I really like the atmosphere. Bustling with people and unpretentious, people are there just for the great food.

#2 – Seated by the pond.

#3 – Grilling away.
Thai Fish Farm Restaurant

#4 – Grilled crabs.
Thai Fish Farm Restaurant

Love the crabs! They’re not unlike the ones from Hing Ket Grill House in Klang. I don’t really fancy crabs with rich sauces anymore ever since I had the ones served in Hing Ket. Once you’ve tasted crabs in its natural juice with no flavourings except for salt, it’s really hard to eat crabs in any other way.

We ordered quite a lot of stuff…

#5 – Delicious tom yam.
Thai Fish Farm Restaurant

#6 – Guinness & Todi.
Thai Fish Farm Restaurant

#7 – Thai steamed fish. Very, very, very good.

If you’re there you must absolutely order the fish because they’re all freshly caught from the pond right next to you.

#8 – Catching dinner.

#9 – Squid fried in salted egg – quite different from the ones I’ve tasted at other places. Instead of having the squid deep fried in salted egg yolk batter, it’s just ordinary deep fried squid topped with salted egg yolk sauce. I actually prefer this style because it’s lighter on the palate.

#10 – Squid with petai – I couldn’t stop eating this.

We also had vegetables, grilled lamb chops (YUMMY!) and kerabu kaki ayam (chicken feet skin salad).

#11 – We finished off dinner with some red ruby from the dessert station. Each bowl goes for RM5 and you’ve got quite a selection to choose from.

Altogether, bill came to a little over RM230 for 6 people. I was a very satisfied patron :) I can’t wait to go back again with the #porkgang!

KM4, Jalan Ampang-Hulu Langat, Ampang
68000 Selangor
GPS Coordinates: N 03 09.621 E101 45.260
HP: 019-260 6493
HP: 012-363 4991

12 thoughts on “Thai Fish Farm Restaurant”

  1. ooo that looks pretty good!! :D will have to check it out one of these days…that is,if i don’t get lost and end up going round in circles looking for it… :s

  2. mell: lets make it happen!

    rachying: next weekend! hehe

    ky: i think so too

    eric: actually when we went there, supposedly they covered in concrete dy but still a bit bumpy and completely dark. ur car can go lah…horng car definitely cannot..coz no wheels lol (sorry horng can’t help it)

    bee: get garmin woman!

  3. looks interesting but the hygiene factor turns me off. why can’t good eat places like this jaga their kebersihan???? probably becoz many people just dont care coz they are used to hawkers and food courts eh?

  4. j2kfm: it’s actually pretty different from nong & jimmy. the experience of going there is an adventure itself! :D

    squeeky: i never had food poisoning from hawker places and food courts b4. but i did from Chilis. Go figure.

    jules: agree! :)

  5. i’ve tried the Thai Fish Farm Restaurant bout 1 month ago. The food wasn’t that good so only…the only thing i lurve is their roasted lamb cutlet…the rest of other dishes was nothing to shout about and they don have specialised thai chille sauce/home made thai chilli sauce….the salted egg prawn/sotong tasted weird with a hint of fermented beancurd..weird combination of tat….nong & jimmy fared better dishes & chili sauces…..

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