Post-swimming grub at Room 18, Tropicana City Mall

As soon as I landed in KL from Langkawi, my Crackberry went berserk with messages about swimming at Suan’s condo. I don’t know what possessed me but I wanted to join. Yeah, the closest thing to swimming that I did in Langkawi was soaking in the bathtub so I had to come home for a fake beach vacation by a pool. I guess it’s also the hot weather and, I really missed my friends.

The swim was fun as hell and produced lot of funny pictures that shall be posted here soon but lets get on with the dinner that happened after. We went to Room 18 at Tropicana City Mall for two reasons:

1. Easy parking.
2. Pork

# – Room 18.

Apparently, the last time ST was there, the waiter kept giving giving him the wrong order. So we speculated that the guy might had just watched Ip Man 2 and hence was filled with rage towards Caucasians, hehehe. This time around, the same waiter served us! We asked him if he had watched Ip Man 2 and he answered in the positive. Next thing we knew, he kept calling ST “Mr. Twister“, haha.

# – [L-R] Kerol, Yuki, Horng, God, Haze, KY and ST. Missing #porkgang members were Ringo, Suanie, FA & Ruby.

# – Some kind of rojak as appetizer.

# – Green onion pie. I like these! Very fluffy and aromatic.

# – Egg tarts. Apparently nice and fluffy, I didn’t taste any :(

# – Yuki’s fried rice. A bit bland. I tried it and had to agree with her.

# – KY’s Duck & Roast Pork Noodles.

# – Horng’s Noodles with fried dumplings.

# – Siu Loong Pao. They were quite tasty, the soup in the dumpling was rich with herbal taste the meat was tender. I do wish they had served them on a bed of cabbage instead of paper though. This is because when the dumplings started drying up, they stuck to the paper and it got even harder to pick them up without bursting the delicate skin.

# – Kerol’s steamed rice with pork ribs. I’d probably order this the next time I’m there. According to Kerol, it was very good! I tried a tiny bit and had to stop myself from stealing it from her.

# – Haze’s bak kut teh with rice. Apparently it’s good but I’ll stick to eating BKT at uncomfortable, dirty-ish places hehe.

# – The chilli oil deserves an independent mention. It’s one of the best I’ve ever eaten…I could probably just eat this with rice alone.

# – Last but not least, my plate of roast pork rice. Okay, truthfully the roast pork cannot be compared to Pudu’s. But it’s good enough as the meat was juicy with crispy skin (just not fatty enough hehe) and was very satisfying. In fact the entire plate of rice and pork only cost RM10.80 while a strip of roast pork at Pudu cost RM13. So I was very happy :D

# – See, I’m a happy camper :D

So basically, I’d totally recommend going to Room 18. It is owned by Tai Thong and for being Malaysian, it gets a plus point from me. The atmosphere is nice and comfortable. The food is pretty good and the service is decent as long as they don’t mess up your orders. Our bill for 15 items including drinks came to just RM143.75.

Room Eighteen
G-35, Tropicana City Mall
Tel: 03-7728 8128

9 thoughts on “Post-swimming grub at Room 18, Tropicana City Mall”

  1. *wiping away the saliva* you make me wanna drop everything and drive over there now…. especially the pork ribs steam rice…. *drooling*

  2. i went to the one in times square, food is not so nice and expensive! But of course they have quite a nice environment.

  3. robb: yeah will always be slightly expensive when eating in shopping complexes especially. worth paying for the comfort i guess :)

    big cow: hehe make it happen!

    jess: oooh probably not very good quality control then.

    ky: do it!

    st: yah i agree, canton-i and ducking taste good but expensive and portions really tiny. Room 18 seems to be able to balance price, taste and portion.

    mandy: i’ll give it a try, thanks :)

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