Chilling out at Westin Langkawi.

I took my very first flight on FireFly last weekend to go to Langkawi. Was actually quite scared eventhough I’ve read that propeller planes are much safer than commercial jetliners but there’s still a flimsy attribute to it that gave me the chills.

# – With RedMummy in the plane.

Yes, I’m a nervous passenger. I’m one of those people that would pore through the safety instruction manual and count the number of seats between mine and the emergency exit. I’m not afraid of flying per se, but particularly during taking off and landing. Whenever the plane is getting off or onto the runway, you’d find my hands tucked under my thighs, ready to curl up in a ball in the event of a crash -_-

Anyway, my fears were unfounded. I reached Langkawi in one piece. The flight was pleasant and the seat was surprisingly comfortable.

# – Arrived in Langkawi with all limbs intact.

Westin is only about 30 minutes away from Langkawi International Airport. As soon as we reached the resort, we were whisked off to lunch at one of its restaurants called Seasonal Tastes. The view from the restaurant was beautiful. I wasn’t in the mood for anything heavy so I ordered a soup and a salad. Food were okay, great quality but I think were tweaked too much for a tourist’s taste buds.

# – Seafood bisque. Think the chef got a bit too generous with the salt.

# – Traditional Umai salad with supersized prawns. Was expecting raw prawns but they were blanched :(

After lunch, we checked into the rooms.

# – The welcoming bed.

# – The big TV.

# – The bathroom.

# – The wardrobe mirror :D

We only had a day in Langkawi, so instead of squeezing in some rushed sight-seeing, I decided to just stay within the resort and relax. I hung out at the balcony watching tourists walked by, watched a lot of tv, took a lot of cat naps and watched more tv.

# – Watched a lot of tv.

And before I knew it, it was already dinner time. Our host, Bayer, threw us a BBQ party.

# – Put on a baggy dress in anticipation of a massive BBQ dinner :D

# – Is it me or do all pictures of hotel’s poolside BBQ look exactly the same?

# – Burp!

After dinner, I got back to my room all sweaty and smelling of charred meat. What’s better to do than soaking in a nice, hot bath? :D

# – Drawing a bath.

# – Crackberry, TV remote control and drinking water when it gets a little too hot.

# – P/S I Love You was on and sure enough I was bawling like a crazy person.

After a good cry and a good soak, I felt ready for bed. But not before downing some sleeping aid.

# – Look what I found? Chamomile tea!

# – A hot cuppa to further relax my mind.

And then I was knocked out. Okay not really…

I had to still sneak in a photo :P

# – Goodnight!

13 thoughts on “Chilling out at Westin Langkawi.”

  1. wow… the hotel room look so nice…
    big bed can roll here and there…
    and the bathtub…. awwwwwwwwwww… I just missed it… :( feel like to soaking myself into a pail now… but hardly get my size for the pail leh
    fml! >.<

    1. sotong: can soak in guangzhou? hehehehhehe

      lance: other bbq will never taste the same after yours man.

      jess: it was very nice. i enjoyed myself :D

  2. ky: me too i miss it already!!

    horng: omg im trying to block it out of my mind. that boy is a devil reincarnated!

    st: yeah it is.

    ainee: westin in langkawi. aiyo in my blog title! haha

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