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Not another iPoop.

My life is forever changed. The very core of my life’s principles have been distorted beyond recognition. It all happened just 10 minutes ago…

I was happily looking at pictures of Heidi Montag’s new breasts and chin when ST decided call me into his room. I know it’s important because he summoned me to physically enter his study instead of just MSN messaging me to serve him drinks or snacks.

On his monitor were pictures of Steve Jobs. He seemed to be giving some kind of talk. And behind him were a picture of a massive iPod Touch, iPhone or whatever. I can’t even tell the difference. “Not another iPoop”, I thought to myself, grunted and started to walk out of his room.

Steve Jobs – needs more black turtlenecks. Picture from Gizmodo.

He stopped me in my tracks and forced me to check out the content on his monitor. And then he played the video….

And then he showed me the price of the nifty device and the surprisingly cheap applications.

An Apple product that is actually reasonably priced!? Picture from Gizmodo.

9.7″ screen. 3g & wireless. iWork. iBooks. Sweet mother of lard leather casing. USD 829.


Ladies & gentlemen, I have succumbed. There is no turning back for me. The evil Epal has trapped my heart, mind and soul. I am officially a shallow, wannabe cool, popular sheep, yay!

I am awestruck kinda hit the spot!

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Weekend in Cheras.

Am at my parents’s house now, using my mom’s laptop. Been in Cheras since Friday and have tragically acquired a taste for fresh laundry at my beck & call. How the hell am I to going to revert back to shitty dobby?

Really happy to see my family. Enjoyed catching up on gossips with mom and the shopping. Speaking of which, all my CNY clothes are either black or grey. It’s almost next to impossible to buy something cheerful…they look cheap -_- Don’t know how to describe, bright colours seem to accentuate the cheapness of a fabric and make unruly seams more noticeable. But the same designs and fabrics in dark colours look much more palatable.

Got my mom on Twitter too, her nick is @mercedesng. That’s her glamour name back in high school but she later changed it to Carol due to peer pressure. They kept refering to her as a car.

Been chatting with my youngest brother too. He’s just finished his SPM so he was asking me a lot of questions about working life and college. I have to say that I’m both surprised and proud that my rascal of a brother actually has a coherent train of thoughts. Eversince he made me burst out in tears at the age of 2 (by pulling my hair really hard while I was sitting upside down on the sofa, don’t ask), I never expected him to be anything more than a perpetually annoying presence in my life. Guess what, he is considerate, analytical and smart. My brother is becoming a fine young man and I am…relieved.


The #porkgang also came all the way down to Cheras to visit me and Mercedes. I shall not launch into some emo how-much-I-love-you-guys prattle but yeah, I love you guys. Ruby also brought a cake which my mom absolutely loved!!

Check out how amused she is with the cake..

Picture of mom holding a penis.

Never thought I’d get to write such a caption. Ever.

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Behind the Scenes of Project Alpha 2

I was very lucky to join Cheesie, ST & KY who will be featured in Project Alpha 2. We were whisked off to Lost World of Tambun Waterpark for the shooting of the show and it was just an awesomesauce experience from start to finish.

Obviously am not going to reveal much about what we did because you’ll have to find out yourself when the show premiers in April 2010 but here are some pictures captured over the 2-day shoot..

#1 – All fresh and excited despite the lack of sleep.

#2 – On the way to Ipoh, the crew were doing crazy stunts to shoot our moving car. Mucho respect!

#3 – Lack of sleep finally catching up..

#4 – Back at the hotel. Chilling out after a long day.

#5 – “Sweet Jojo” making a face (sorry, inside joke) and KY demonstrating the act of photobombing.

#5 – It’s a wrap!

When I started blogging, seriously never would I imagine that I will be one day appearing on a reality show. Harlo, it’s just too cool for school can? My mission in life is to be cooler than my grandchildren and just maybe I have already achieved that with Project Alpha, hehehe.

The whole experience was pure fun X 5000. Although at times it got really tiring but spirits were always high. Got bitten by a monkey trying to help Ringo rescue her Blackberry from becoming monkey chow (lol!), freaked out by snakes (a lot of snakes) and up close & personal with Siberian tigers (truly magnificent creatures). It’s all good.

Can’t wait for April 2010 to see the final product!

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