KL International Motorshow 2006

It was quite fun. Namely because I had so much camwhoring opportunites. I supposed it’s every girl’s fantasy to become a race queen at some point of their lives, I sort of fulfilled mine…albeit being twice the standard size.

There were many impressive vehicles there, especially the Honda and Nissan concept vehicles. The Satria Replacement Model Lotus APX deserves a mention too. Much bigger and very sleek, my only hope is that when they’re actually selling it that they wouldn’t shrink it or turn the interior into a tacky display of cheap plastics.

As I’ve said, I took a lot of pictures. I apologise for the inconvenience of worsening your Monday.

You must have noticed by now that I’ve changed the layout of my blog. I do like the previous layout, I think it’s quite Malaysiana (ripped off from Americana) but apparently not many shared my sentiment. Working on the new banner now, it should follow the design direction of this layout; clean and simple.

Bling bling rims.

Mere mortal amongst hotness.

Pregnancy business is no funny business. Empathy suit courtesy of Volvo.

Yellow trailer trash.

Putting on the fat zapper.

Yeah, my fats are literally melting away…not!

Me like the Porsche.

With hotness in the form of NottiJian.

I am made for driving this.

Mummm mummm mumm mummmm mummm mummm owwwwwwwww. Babyseat courtesy of Volvo.

Le Ducati.

Feline power.

Only a Kangoo can pull this off.

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