Nothing much to do with Maltesers really.

Being away from home is certainly not a bed of roses. I find solace in Maltesers. The wonderful chocolate melting on my tongue, sticking to the roof of my mouth and bits of honeycomb malt making homes in between the gaps of my teeth. It helps me forget the desire to look at a familiar face.

I am terribly homesick these days. I suppose that’s why I’ve been consuming more and more junk food. Just writing this makes my eyes water. Am I even made for this? Almost everyday, Mom sends me tenderly composed text messages. Nowadays, I say “love you” to my otherwise unaffectionate Dad and brothers and they would even reciprocate. Relationships have definitely gotten better and the sad thing is that I can’t be present to enjoy them.

Everything here is so sterile, so surreal. Almost everytime when I’m out on the street, I’d be half expecting some random stranger to lose it and start running amok. Yes, they just have that sort of vibe about them. I don’t hate this place, but I’m not excited about it either. I want to be wowed, like some of my friends are and I’m confused as to why I’m not. I miss Kuala Lumpur, so, so much. Bf told me not to compare as it would only depress me further. But how can I not? When will I not?

Maltesers are so delicious. Especially after meal after meal of uninspiring food. I even got a giant pack (unfortunately it’s unavailable in dark chocolate).

Giant bag of Maltesers.

Just thought I’d share, don’t ever leave your bag of Maltesers next to your laptop. You may think that the chocolates are within easy reach while you surf, but there is a trade-off and it doesn’t worth the convenience.

Melted chocolates.

The heat from the laptop would melt them chocolates. Not so nice for consumption…

Brown mess.

I miss KL. I miss all of you so much.

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