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Just a day in the week

Blogging from my Blackberry again cause I’ve been really busy. Actually in the bf’s car now on the way home from walking Charlie.

Today I got conned by KY to walk all the way from KL Convention Centre to Menara Keck Seng, in high heels, under the blazing sun -_-. The distance was definitely not as short as he made it out to be. By the time I reached my client’s office I was both out of breath and flustered to the max. Thanks KY!

For the walk back, my concerned client actually lent me a brollie due to the dark and gloomy weather. Luckily, the walk back to my car was surprisingly pleasant as it had just drizzled, so was cool and breezy. Never really got chance to enjoy the city on my two under-worked pins. So thanks again KY, with no sarcasm this time :)

Anyhoooo here’s a picture of my dinner. A new stall that sells pork guts in pepper soup has opened in my neighbourhood. I’m estatic! It was really, really good.

For #porkgang. No parts left un-devoured!

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