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Nice, cold Guinness at Muse, Jaya One

The weather has been particularly warm lately. There’s nothing much you can do to cool down but there’s one thing that helps in times like this.

Yeah baby, the perfect pint!

We decided to check out Muse at Jaya One for a couple of pints.

Muse, Jaya One.

When I got into Muse, the nice waiter swiftly seated us in the nicely decorated restaurant. The interior of the restaurant was doused in generous amount of nice green ambient light. No wonder, they have started celebrating St Patrick’s Day!

I was happy to find that Muse is one of the participating outlets for Guinness “Celebrate the Laughter Side of Life” where you can buy 4 glasses of 330ml Guinness Draught for RM60 and they come with a plate of house special finger food.

Muse currently has two choices to choose from: Cheesy Chicken Croquettes or Mushroom & Tomato Salsa Brochettes.

If you’re more of a collector rather than a food connoisseur, there are 3 St. Patrick’s padlocks luggage locks to choose from when you buy a bucket of Guinness Stout or 3 pints of Guinness Draught.

Me, I’m all for the food of course. I love mushrooms so I chose the Mushroom & Tomato Salsa Brochettes to go with my Guinness Draught.

Yummy!! Though it was just appetiser, but the portion was huge.

More Guinness to cap off a good hearty noms.

The last St. Patrick’s Day was so awesome that memories of it are still very fresh in mind. One of my favourite festivals and it’s happening again this month! From 6pm on wards at 1 Utama on 19 March 2010, I will be celebrating St. Patrick’s Day with a bunch of other Guinness loving folks. How about you?

Let’s Celebrate the Laughter Side of Life!

I <3 cold, creamy Guinness!

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Happy Birthday Nicky!!!

Today is Nicky’s birthday. He’s only 2 years younger than me so he’s just turned 24!!!

Yes, both my baby brothers were born in the month of March and both of their names start with Nick. Don’t know what my parents were thinking lah.

Anyway, I wasn’t there when they celebrated Nicky’s birthday early so I’m mad now for being left out of the party. Why no one called me? I only found out from my Mom’s twit -_-

This is not a picture from last year. My Dad forgot his age -_-”

Sorry ah no presents cause you know I’m saving up for renovation :P But you know I love you Ah Boy!

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