Boring house stuff.

So we visited the house again this morning and found that all the power point plates and switches have been installed. Such a happy sight!

# – One set of the white Clipsal switches & points which are installed throughout the house.

And our wireman is also currently installing the outdoor wall lights. I’m so happy with our choice :D

# – This is one of the outdoor lights. We’ve got 3 installed along the porch wall. I was sold by the clean lines (cause the entire house has no organic designs) but it’s giving out an unintentional Japanese feeling, don’t you think?

The Unifi sub-contractor also came and surveyed our house for concealed wiring and about 15 minutes ago he’s informed us that it’s done. All we need to do now is move in, activate the account with TM and we’re good to go.

By the way, installation is free for now (till end of the year supposedly) but if you want concealed wiring, you have to pay for the workmanship depending on your house. This cost us RM800 (for fibre optic cable, cat5 cable, some customised telephone splitter etc and pulling them all across the roof bla bla bla) and we have no idea whether it’s reasonable or not but I’m thinking you don’t really have a choice because the party doing it must be licensed by TM.

All’s left now is for the damn kitchen sink to be delivered (was promised today but they called and said not enough deliveryman -_-) so that the kitchen countertop can be finished, kitchen cabinets, downstair lightings, water heaters, aircons, fans, floors, grills and finally paint! After that will just be further hemorrhaging of money for soft furnishings.

Broke max, thank you very much. That said, I’m only paying for kitchen stuff (cause that’s my domain) and I emphasise on the word “stuff” because what I’m paying is not inclusive of the tiling, counter top, wiring and plumbing. Oh fuck, and lightings :P

Yeap, I owe my man a lot of [censored] for on top of paying and buying everything else, he’s also subsidising me RM2000 for my “kitchen stuff”. Oh my gawd, I love my man.

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  1. hb: thanks man. can’t wait to throw a house warming party! :D

    anon: hrm, depending on length of cables and all, we had very long ones. whats your setup like?

  2. Wow everything seems to be coming along nice and awesome! I just saw an interior designer today and got quoted a bomb as well for furnishing a small apartment. :(

  3. Basically he pulled the cable from the road at the back of the house,thru the roof ,down the cable tray and exited the wall where my phone line was.
    I have a 1storey terrace .
    As for the cable and all , it was my understanding that everything was provided by telekom.
    So essentially it was rm250 for making sure the wires were not on the surface.
    Abit steep but the guys were efficient.

  4. Mark: I suggest you stay away from ID folks, get some magazines, do some surfing, get your own ideas, do a lot of research and just hire a contractor to do exactly what you want (choose all your own materials). Cheaper and ends up better that way.

    anon: Yah ours double storey, you are right the wire from the DB box (usually on the telephone cable) to the house is free, any change of floor or extension is chargeable by the subcon. Ours was for change of floor (the telecom connection point is high up on second floor) so needed to run fibre down to the first floor, through the wall, all covered with conduit, also ran a 25 meter CAT5e cable from the study to the living room for the TV (also through the walls/ceiling) all concealed, installed 2 double CAT5 faceplates (branded Schneider) for the connections from the study to the TV, also installed splitter so we can use our existing newly wired landline sockets for the Unifi DECT phones (we will be able to use the phone both upstairs and downstairs). Plus the quality of his work was very good so IMHO it’s a fair price he charged.

  5. mark: thanks man. yeah we gave up seeking help from IDs too, the ones we saw were just bent on quoting a lot of built-ins, which imho would look worn in a few years. so as ST said, just research a lot and get our contractor to do things the way we want it.

    anon: ooh i think we had far more work done as per ST’s comment. don’t think we got cheated la hehe

  6. lol…thts way more then wat I did. thank god for single storey…

    something i didnt know about..these unifi phone are not compatable with house alarm system. My guy could not fix the service where the house alarm will call the handphone incase it triggers. Something about being not compatable with the non copper land lines.
    something to lookout incase ure thinking of fixing an alarm system

  7. Wah Kimberly, nice lighting! Will u set up a small garden near to the light, should b quite cosy too.. with nice long chairs and some cushions to chill.. SO when are u guys settling down? :D Of cos i know living together doesnt mean u have to married each other wtf

  8. Hi there! I bumped into your post whilst looking for some info on the TM-approved subcontractors to do concealed wiring. Mind sharing the info on your contractor? Or where I can find a list? If you could email me it would be best. Thanks a million! :)

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