House Renovation Update #3 – Things are taking shape!

Hi guys, do you have any idea what these are? :D

Any idea?

Well they are our windows! Today we went to the house to let the contractor know which directions do we want to open the windows out so that they can install them accordingly.

I love, love, love my windows. I love, love, love my windows. They’re exactly how I had envisioned them to be but better :D


# – This picture is taken from our backyard. You can see that the window frames have already been installed. Next will be the installation of the panels.

# – Here’s me with one of the first panels installed. My face is pixelated because mornings do not agree with me :P


Speaking of backyard, a roof has also been erected there so that I can do my laundry regardless of the weather. I love it so much because it’s supported by these strong & beautiful wooden pillars and beams. Initially we wanted to use polycarbonate roof for the backyard but eventually decided on roof tiles/wood for a more natural look.

# – This is the backyard roof. Do you notice the black cables extending out from under the roof? That’s our telephone line and it’s so ugly!! Anyone have any experience with getting TM to fix it coz it looks so third-world urghhh.

Lets move on to the other progress of the house…

Master Bedroom

# – Remember the masterbedroom? After all the hacking it looked like this.

# – The master bedroom looks like this now. The french door on the left have been covered up so that we can maximise the space in the room. (fantasising on how the room would look like with the king-sized Serta Hilton bed we’ve booked last month)

Master Bathroom

# – The master bathroom: post-hacking, pre-extension.

# – We extended the master bathroom because it was too tiny even for me. Now we have a decent sized shower area at the back of the bathroom and I love this new layout because the toilet bowl and basin area won’t be soaking wet after a shower :)

Wardrobe/Activity Room & Guest Room

# – The sad state right after the hacking out of the old doors and windows.

# – The door frames and window frames are in now. The shared bathroom is also waterproofed, ready for some kickass tiling and sanitaryware installation :D


# – This little room in the middle is supposed to be a storeroom. But we’re converting it into a pantry as it’s just next door to the kitchen.

# – The hole on the wall is for a ventilation fan to keep the room dry and cool. I’ve always wanted a walk-in pantry like Nigella Lawson’s and by the looks of it, I think I’m getting there :)

You know this year, we have stopped almost all kinds of splurges like holidays, new clothes, food and gadgets because renovating is not cheap -_- But as we see the house slowly taking shape, it all becomes so clear. It’s really worth it to have our lifestyle suspended for this because by next year, we’ll be living in our dream home, enjoying our dream life :)

26 thoughts on “House Renovation Update #3 – Things are taking shape!”

  1. Do your contractors work at night? Do you bring them for dinners?
    Sigh, my contractor came as he pleased, can be 5pm to 12am and expect you to take him for dinner!
    But he did a good job!
    Can’t wait to see your finished product!

  2. ky: me too, me too!

    kuzco: yeah i can’t wait to cook up a storm! haha

    ohmywtf: hehehe only if ur willing to attend :D

    jlean: yeah, still a long way to go :D

    liongirl: nope they don’t work at 5, start early in the morning and left by 5pm. and i havent even managed to buy them drinks hahaha.

    st: yah…full panels rock my socks :D

    mark: hehe hope hope the my posts will help la :)

  3. lots of hacking.. hence the lots of moolah spent there. but it is definitely worth it since it is going to be ur dream home :D

  4. wow happy for u! :) totally reminds me of all the renovation my parents did when i was 8 years old. ur a step closer to ur dream home babe! grats to u and gareth

  5. Very very nice Kim. It’s good to read about your house (maybe coz I’m getting one too). Renovations must have cost a bomb though.

    1. merryn: yeah it’s all worth it at the end. gonna live there for a while so have to make sure it’s as close to perfect as possible hehe

      keith: thanks :)

      jess: thanks babe!

      hb: if u ever need some work done to your place, lemme know ya! i’ll recommend my contractor to you ;)

      sotong: the next time u poop in our house, the shit will flush away properly one -_-“

  6. I’ve been sleeping on a Serta bed for 4 years. No regrets, it was simply the best bed ever. That was until I spent a night at Westin. The Westin’s Heavenly Bed is simply … heavenly. I’m very fussy about my mattress and pillows. I’ve got close to 10 pillows and I’m still not fully satisfied. But I’m happy with my Serta and I’m sure you will too. Just don’t go and spend a night at Westin, that’s all.

  7. ronin: great to hear that! i was just staying at westin langkawi last weekend for an event, the bed was good though a bit too soft for me still, maybe i’m biased already cause we’ve already bought the bed hahaa

    fallen: we got it from this shop called Bliss in Section 16, PJ (along the main road Jalan Dato Abu Bakar).

    moon: thank you :)

    ainee: me tooo!

  8. Awww :) I’m very happy for you. It’s such a nice thing – to own your own home and design/decorate it exactly the way you want. When I’m back next year, can we celebrate? *HUG*

    Knowing your taste, the place is going to look gorgeous.

    1. fieran: thanks babe :) ya when you’re back we’re gonna partay!!!!

      julie: we specifically wanted latex bed and tested a lot of brands (napure, tempur etc) and found serta the best because it doesn’t sag, when u have a bed partner you won’t really feel the movement by the other, and it’s firm without compromising on comfort. i’m also particular with the edge of the bed – that it has to stay firm and doesn’t sag when i sit over its edge and seems like only serta is able to hold its own. of course the 10 years warranty is very attractive too if there’s any problem at all (ie: sagging, dust, etc) you can change it for a new bed, no questions asked. we got our king size for rm6k plus during a promotion at Bliss, Section 16.

  9. Kim what is the speciality of this Serta hilton bed and how much it cost ? Is it better than organic ? An organic king-size bed here cost abt RM10k++. Thanks!

  10. I think you will need a contractor to do the telephone cables nicely. Telekom does not do it for you; they are only responsible for a slapdash job to connect your point to their pole. Back when my parents moved in in 1975, they had to get it done themselves too.

  11. looks great so far – like the look of the backyard roof! :) (damn the erratic weather!) I just picked up the keys to my Ara Hills apartment, but damned if I’m now stuck down south for the next god-knows-how-long… :s

    what’s the garden like? :)

    1. suertes: hrmm i think i’ll give TM a ring and see what they say. cause my contractor said that TM does it.

      bee: congrats on your new apartment! nvm la, all the sing dorras means a lot of sweet home improvement :D

  12. I tried to contact you in facebook but have yet to receive any reply and am not sure if I can get you here… Am very interested in knowing how much is the whole renovation costing as well as do you mind giving the contractors contact to me :) My name is Richard Ng and you could contact me at or @ 012-3444 518. Thanks and loved the post about the Doc.

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