How on earth did I land myself in Project Alpha Season 2

Back in January, I joined ST, KY and Ringo in Tambun as a guest blogger for their segments in Project Alpha 2. Well, I really don’t need to repeat that I enjoyed myself very much on the trip but yeah I’m going to do it anyway, I had loads of fun!!! Shooting a reality show with your friends? Are you kidding? You don’t get opportunities like that knocking on your doors very often.

So here are the reasons why I was a guest blogger on the show for Ringo’s, KY’s and ST’s segments. Let me flip out my awesomesause picture archive skills to illustrate our degrees of separation.

1. ShaolinTiger

He was always the “ghost” boyfriend in the pictures of this blog. In fact, I have had people accusing me of having an imaginary boyfriend :D We made a decision very early on to keep the relationship private from our blogs due to personal reasons. Okay it’s because I was cheating with him on my then-boyfriend and him with me on his then-girlfriend. Okay, just kidding!!!

The “ghost” boyfriend.

Anyway, our relationship was under wraps so much so that whenever we went on vacations, if he blogged about it I wouldn’t and if I blogged about it, he wouldn’t. Well, in the past 2 years or so, namely due to being sick of not being able to blog about our awesome holidays and with blog topics getting so effing scarce these days, we finally decided to come out as a couple. Ok, just kidding again hehe. Well, the real reason is that we’re both so freakin’ old already, practically living as a married couple and our lives so majorly intertwined it’s becoming impossible to skirt around when blogging about major things in our lives. I mean seriously, we got a house together (which we are immensely proud of) and we got Charlie too (whom we immensely love), how on earth are we able to hide those? So yeah, one day we just kind of like, fuck this shit, you are my bf and I’m your gf lah :P

With Charlie and QQ (our neighbour’s pup).

2. KYSpeaks

I knew KY through ST. They were already friends for more than half a decade before I met ST. Days before I actually met the then-new-boyfriend’s best friend, the white man decided that we should prank KY over IRC (internet relay chat). I don’t know what we were thinking :P

So anyway, ST told me what KY’s nickname on IRC was and our plans were soon set in motion. I messaged the fella and started flirting with him. And naturally he asked for my picture.

This was what I sent to him:

Okay, granted the picture above isn’t the original picture that I sent cause it was 500 times funnier, unfortunately I couldn’t trace it on the Internet anymore. So you’d have to contend with the above. Anyway, upon receiving the picture, he logged out of the chat lololol.

When I finally met him, the first thing he did was not to say hello or how are you but to reach out with his index finger and poked my underarm to test how jiggly it was. I knew we would be best friends since :)

Here’s KY propping my drunk head up so I could cut my 21st birthday cake.

3. Ringo

The first time I met Ringo was at a photoshoot for Malay Mail. We were being featured as the hottest females bloggers in Malaysia at that time, wuahaha. She came with her mom and my initial impression was that she was shy, petite, soft-spoken and man, those enviable long, glossy black hair! And my Cheras radar totally detected the proper Seremban fashion too. I thought she was at least 5 years younger than me and it’s only a few years later that I finally found out she was actually older than me by a few months!!! Yes, she is really good with her Cheat One (TM) haha.

This is our first picture ever together.

Anyway, we started to get to know each other better recently and guess what, she’s definitely not shy, is more petite than when I first knew her, not soft-spoken lol and got gold hair now. And…..Seremban fashion is still thankfully intact. The big plus is I also discovered that she’s quick-witted as hell and straight-forward, things I really enjoy in people hehe.

More recent picture with the Cheesie.

So anyway, now you kind of know how I managed to land a cushy spot as a guest blogger on Project Alpha Season 2. We were just messing with each other the entire duration of the shoot as we normally do, we had great fun and hope you enjoy watching our antics too :D

Here are the videos, starting with Ringo’s segments:

# EP 20

#EP 21/49

#EP 22/49

#EP 23/49

#EP 24/49

#EP 25/49

#EP 26

Thanks Nuffnang, Kyanite, P1 WiMax, Adidas Action 3 for this fun opportunity. Happy watching Project Alpha Season 2!!!

8 thoughts on “How on earth did I land myself in Project Alpha Season 2”

  1. mell: ya, finally lol

    fresh: aiyo cannot find already :(

    cheesie: pretty then, pretty now also, scared what? lolol

    ky: ya, wasted! hahaha

    merryn: ya, becareful!!!

  2. Haha about the ghost boyfriend..I guess it right too, congratulation in announcing it to public. hehe ! Your charlie is so handsome !

    KY looks so evil-lish in that pic .. hahaha..

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