Eleven inches too many.

The house is nearing completion and it’s driving me crazy. Yesterday, we decided to pop by the house at 2am to measure our kitchen counter top because I was about to have a mental breakdown. As it turned out, it was indeed 11″ too long, which screws up the entire design of the kitchen cabinets. ELEVEN FUCKING INCHES! There’s no way we can’t demolish the beautiful structure and start over :(

# – My counter top. I was so happy and now I should probably start detaching myself emotionally. Chants to self: It’s only an inanimate object x 500.

Then we noticed that the electrician has completely forgotten about a powerpoint in the backyard for the washing machine. I nearly hyperventilated to death thanks to this nugget of information but fortunately, it’s only a small matter.

Well, don’t get me wrong, I love my contractor, he is honest and amiable, which truly are hard to come by qualities where contractors are considered. But besides that he’s every bit a typical contractor, and by that I mean his working style. It drives me completely over the edge. Dude doesn’t take down notes or worse, ask questions. “Just tell me, I can remember one”, sounds familiar? Everything has been great so far except for the funny episode of paint mixed-up but this kitchen counter top issue, GAWDDDD!!! The kitchen is MY domain, I AM SUPER ANAL. I hate myself. I need therapy.

/Breath in /Breathe out

Okay enough of rantings, lets move on to the good news. The upstairs floorings are in. We chose American Birch and they look great! Very pleased with our choice. The paints are almost done too except for the house exterior and thank goodness, they’re exactly how we want the walls to look, maybe better :)

# – Our masterbedroom has flooring now!

Man, I need to fill myself with positive thoughts and good karma these coming weeks. I gotta be a grown-up about this.

9 thoughts on “Eleven inches too many.”

  1. To make you feel better, mine looks like this –

    To make you feel EVEN better, my second floor’s flooring has cracks. Pour water into the crack, within 2 minutes, water dripping from the first floor ceiling.

    We can’t demolish it because some beams are connected to our neighbours and I don’t thing our neighbouur will agree to demolish their house.

    We don’t know what to do now…

    Hope this makes you feel better. :)

  2. justin: omg i’m so sorry :( you’re in a worse pickle than we are. are the cracks a safety hazard or can be solved by “just don’t pour water on the floor”? good luck man

  3. According to the contractor, the cracks are pretty bad but according to my dad (also a contractor), he said something can be done but he’s not seen the crack yet.

    Not too sure what we’re gonna do. We’re shifting the completion date back a full year because there are just too many problems. We’ll just have to wait and see…hehe

  4. I So.Totally.Concur that it is a contractor thing. Oh the crap we’ve been through with ours. We changed all the tiles, heating pipes, water pipes in our house. After some time, noticed mold in the store room wall. Leakage from pipe. Hack tiles. Change dunno what. 2 weeks later, leak again. Dunno do what crap again. Hubs blew his top, asked the contractor to frigging give us a different plumber. Problem finally fixed. Then heater in living room starts to leak. Plumber removes it, valve spoilt. They dont make these valves anymore. Changed the whole heater. And it was finally done today. This very morning. One year plus after we started the whole reno works. I just pray pray pray that when the heater comes on in Oct/Nov, water wont start spewing out and destroying our living room and most importantly, hubs pricey speakers which are like a few meters away. I cannot tell you more about our contractor without writing a book.

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