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oops not another filler!

Damn, it’s 11pm now and I haven’t managed to publish today’s post. Quite a busy day today, mostly spent in traffic jams thanks to the epic rain this afternoon.

It’s pretty scary to drive in Bangsar in heavy rain. Trees were falling left and right and manhole covers on the road were dislodged turning into holes to watery hell. Freaky!

# – The fallen trees got bigger and bigger along the way.

Back at home, guess what? Streamyx’s down. The telephone line seems to have fried, probably due to the storm. So BB is my only outlet to the world and surfing on this primitive browser is such a bitch. Love to tether the phone but I can’t and DiGi has never gotten around to help me fix it. Tired of calling, to be honest. Hopefully the TM fellas will be able to fix the fried telephone line as soon as possible :(

Oh well, maybe it’ll do me some good with limited access to the Internet, hehe.

Before I go, Selamat Menyambut Syawal to all my moslem friends & readers. Drive safe, have fun but take it easy on the kuih raya! Mwahs.

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