My kitchen says yellow.

I’m so happy. It’s been a year since we renovated the house and finally, the kitchen is complete. Truly complete! DANCE! DANCE! DANCE!

We have a mustard yellow wall in the kitchen. The plan was to hang up some pictures and shelves with an aluminium table underneath for dry working space.

For more than a year, all that materialised was only the aluminium table. The shelves and pictures lied around collecting dusts. We never found time.

# – The aluminium table.

Actually I have a lot of storage space in the kitchen thanks to the cabinets, but I refrained from storing my baking supplies behind the closed cabinet doors because:

1. I will actually forget where things are and will get frustrated searching for them. /scatterbrained
2. Out of sight, out of mind…baking supplies will expire before I bake anything!

So, I just arranged them on the table (see picture above). The downside, working on the table became very inconvenient as flours & sugars etc get trapped behind the containers.

As time passed, I’d also started to put more and more things on the table, such as the knives & kitchen scale which I want stored away from moisture yet still accessible. My work space shrunk even more.

Just few days ago I totally burnt my arm trying to maneuver a massive freshly baked chocolate salted caramel tart because I didn’t have sufficient space bla bla bla long story. I realised I could take no more.

Mission: to install shelves and hang the pictures!

# – Hubs screwing in the final screw to the first shelf.

# – Then the second shelf.

# – Install some hooks on the lower shelf too for hanging bananas or drying out a Peking Duck :D

# – I slowly moved all my recipe books from upstairs to the kitchen.

# – The pictures, which we bought from Cambodia and did not see the light of day since 2006 finally hung, framing the shelves. My recipe books are now home and my baking supplies are still accessible without eating up my workspace!

# – :)

Thanks hubs for installing the shelves <3

Making sure your furniture fits your space.

We’re in the midst of shopping for furniture these few weeks. I don’t know if it’s just me, but do you find you find the space of your home much bigger than it really is?? Probably because an empty house can play tricks with your eyes. For instance, I almost bought a kitchen sink that was too big but thankfully my contractor managed to talk me out of it by measuring the actual allocated space right before my eyes.

Since the kitchen sink incident, I’ve been very cautious about the size of each furniture. I might find myself liking a certain design but the size may not fit. Or, the size may fit but I don’t like the design. I suppose all these problems could be solved by buying customised furniture but they also cost A BOMB, so naturally that’s out of the consideration.

Buying a sofa in particular, has been quite stressful. The BF is 6’5″ so it’s not easy to find a sofa that fits His Royal Burliness. After searching for a few weeks, we finally found The One. It’s perfect in terms of design, comfort and size (for BF) but at the back of my head, I was worried it might be a bit too big for our living room.

So, instead of paying for the sofa (which we very wanted to do so), we decided to measure the living room our new place first. I guess I could have made real size cutouts with papers for the sofas (like what I did with my toilet bowls and toilet sinks) but it’s too tedious for objects of such size.

I’ve also seen some interior design blogs that used masking tape to trace the outline of their soft furnishing. I really think that’s brilliant but our house is too messy now for that kind of work though.

# – Using masking tape to trace outline of furniture/decorations.


I gave up trying to draw a scaled down plan of the living room because calculating all the measurements was more tedious than I had imagined. In the end, I turned to Google SketchUp. I used to play with SketchUp at my previous job as it allowed me to design the setup of roadshows or launches.

The best part about SketchUp is the MASSIVE library of components at your disposal. As long as you’re not anal about having an object looking a specific way, SketchUp is perfect. You can use a component in its original state or you can resize, rotate or even change its colours. There’s a user friendly component search function integrated in SketchUp. If you can use Google Search, you can definitely find the component you want.

By the way, you can read about my adventures in kitchen designing in this post. Funnily, I wasn’t such a big fan of SketchUp because I was too lazy to learn how to use the measuring tape :P

I recommend watching some tutorial videos of Google SketchUp before embarking on any project, because it can be very time consuming trying to figure out the correct workflow and which button is for which function. Once you’ve grasped some basic knowledge of the tools though, it will become very easy. I mean, I am not a design student but I find it quite easy to use SketchUp.

# – A video on Google SketchUp for beginner.

So anyway, I drew my living room space, found a sofa component that look closest to the sofa we like, resized it to the measurements we got from the sofa seller, positioned the sofas in the virtual living room, added a TV on the wall and threw in a TV cabinet for good measure.

Thanks to SketchUp, me and the BF have mutually agreed to ditch the 2 seater and just buy one 3 seater. I mean look at this:

# – With 2+3 Seaters. Space is cramped and possibility of having to jump over the sofa everytime I need to sit is high. And don’t forget about tables!

By the way, notice the dimensions in the pictures? It’s so cool! You can easily draw the dimensions and for me it’s a wonderful assurance that I haven’t screwed up the measurements.

# – With only the 3 seater. Much more space. Sorry guests, you have to sit on the floor, wu wu wu.

Well, you may wonder what was I thinking by putting carpet print on a TV cabinet. Well it’s just for fun la! These pictures do not really show the design or colours of my living room. I’m being a little mysterious until everything’s done.

Will put the actual 3D plan next to pictures of the actual room for comparison once it’s all done ;)

Happy decorating!

Eleven inches too many.

The house is nearing completion and it’s driving me crazy. Yesterday, we decided to pop by the house at 2am to measure our kitchen counter top because I was about to have a mental breakdown. As it turned out, it was indeed 11″ too long, which screws up the entire design of the kitchen cabinets. ELEVEN FUCKING INCHES! There’s no way we can’t demolish the beautiful structure and start over :(

# – My counter top. I was so happy and now I should probably start detaching myself emotionally. Chants to self: It’s only an inanimate object x 500.

Then we noticed that the electrician has completely forgotten about a powerpoint in the backyard for the washing machine. I nearly hyperventilated to death thanks to this nugget of information but fortunately, it’s only a small matter.

Well, don’t get me wrong, I love my contractor, he is honest and amiable, which truly are hard to come by qualities where contractors are considered. But besides that he’s every bit a typical contractor, and by that I mean his working style. It drives me completely over the edge. Dude doesn’t take down notes or worse, ask questions. “Just tell me, I can remember one”, sounds familiar? Everything has been great so far except for the funny episode of paint mixed-up but this kitchen counter top issue, GAWDDDD!!! The kitchen is MY domain, I AM SUPER ANAL. I hate myself. I need therapy.

/Breath in /Breathe out

Okay enough of rantings, lets move on to the good news. The upstairs floorings are in. We chose American Birch and they look great! Very pleased with our choice. The paints are almost done too except for the house exterior and thank goodness, they’re exactly how we want the walls to look, maybe better :)

# – Our masterbedroom has flooring now!

Man, I need to fill myself with positive thoughts and good karma these coming weeks. I gotta be a grown-up about this.