September 27, 2010 - Narcissism is Necessary

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Because I’m a shiteous blogger.

Work week. Busy max.

Telephone line is up but streamyx is still no show. Don’t know what’s wrong now. At least I can fax out so that’s a consolation.

This is as much of an update you can get today, sorry :P

Since I can’t update much, you can travel back in time to read what I wrote on the same day in previous years:

2009: No update. FML

2008: No update also. FML

2007: Also no update. WTF this is a cursed date.

2006. Okay finally something. A report on my trip to Osaka, this one.

2005: Yay, another one. I was definitely a better blogger then. My report on my inaugural trip to Redang Island.

2004: Ooh and here’s me mulling over my prom dress but of course, I had to put a picture of a Ramly burger on it :P

Enjoy! :P

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