Boring house stuff.

So we visited the house again this morning and found that all the power point plates and switches have been installed. Such a happy sight!

# – One set of the white Clipsal switches & points which are installed throughout the house.

And our wireman is also currently installing the outdoor wall lights. I’m so happy with our choice :D

# – This is one of the outdoor lights. We’ve got 3 installed along the porch wall. I was sold by the clean lines (cause the entire house has no organic designs) but it’s giving out an unintentional Japanese feeling, don’t you think?

The Unifi sub-contractor also came and surveyed our house for concealed wiring and about 15 minutes ago he’s informed us that it’s done. All we need to do now is move in, activate the account with TM and we’re good to go.

By the way, installation is free for now (till end of the year supposedly) but if you want concealed wiring, you have to pay for the workmanship depending on your house. This cost us RM800 (for fibre optic cable, cat5 cable, some customised telephone splitter etc and pulling them all across the roof bla bla bla) and we have no idea whether it’s reasonable or not but I’m thinking you don’t really have a choice because the party doing it must be licensed by TM.

All’s left now is for the damn kitchen sink to be delivered (was promised today but they called and said not enough deliveryman -_-) so that the kitchen countertop can be finished, kitchen cabinets, downstair lightings, water heaters, aircons, fans, floors, grills and finally paint! After that will just be further hemorrhaging of money for soft furnishings.

Broke max, thank you very much. That said, I’m only paying for kitchen stuff (cause that’s my domain) and I emphasise on the word “stuff” because what I’m paying is not inclusive of the tiling, counter top, wiring and plumbing. Oh fuck, and lightings :P

Yeap, I owe my man a lot of [censored] for on top of paying and buying everything else, he’s also subsidising me RM2000 for my “kitchen stuff”. Oh my gawd, I love my man.

House Renovation Update #2 – Backyard

While my last post on our house renovation was about all the demolishing work, this time, I’m going to focus on the backyard/laundry area.

In the beginning, the backyard was horrifying. It was covered in weeds and heaven knows what species of creepy crawlies. In fact, it looked so scary that a neighbour who happened to be doing her laundry in her backyard asked us if we could get someone to clean it up because she’s dead afraid of snakes lurking in the massive bushes.

# This is the backyard before.

Well, my contractor said there were no snakes although the guys whom he hired to do the cleaning up were pretty cautious threading around our backyard. Great news for me because if there were any snake found at all, I would never be able to live in the house peacefully for the rest of my life because all I’d be thinking off are snakes in the sewage, snakes behind my washing machine, snakes in the drain, snakes slithering into my kitchen, snakes hiding in my toilet bowl, etc.

Okay, that’s it about snakes. Lets see what our backyard looks like now :)

# The chicken fence has been removed and replaced by a brick wall.

# The wall with rectangular holes for ventilation will be plastered eventually and the chicken fence door will be replaced by a steel door.

# View from the inside of the kitchen. So clean, sunny and bright now.

I’m very pleased with the results and can’t wait to see the final outcome. The next time, the backyard will be filled with plants in POTS where snakes cannot hide.