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Things to be aware of when renovating your bathroom #2

Following my last post on what you should be aware of when renovating a bathroom, our learning curve got even steeper. So this is another post to detail what we have learnt after that. The bathrooms were coming together pretty well, the toilet bowls are in and all 3 flush down violently, just the way we like it. A minor hiccup with the sinks though. We bought two full pedestal sinks for the 2nd and 3rd bathrooms because I don’t like the sight of bottle traps.

# – This is a full pedestal sink.

# – This is a sink with no pedestal and hence the bottle trap is visible.

However, as our contractor was about to install them, he realised that in one of the bathrooms, the floor trap was located right beneath where the sink should be and therefore if we insisted on putting in the pedestal, it would obstruct the floor traps. As illustrated below:

# – This is the situation we were facing. Major nono to have the floor trap obstructed.

This is absolutely unacceptable, so in the end we decided to do away with all the pedestals and just use pretty looking bottle traps (so I won’t have one bathroom with pedestal sink and another with none).

That said, it’s still not my most ideal situation as I don’t like seeing bottle traps whether pretty or not, but it’s just something I have to deal with because it cost too much to relocate the floor traps. So if you’re installing sinks, make sure your floor traps are located in the appropriate areas of your bathrooms.

So that little issue out of the picture and we thought everything was fine and dandy again. Till we walked into our bathrooms one day and we were greeted with the sight of this monstrosity:

# – This was OUR stopcock.

The stopcock is a valve that regulates the flow of water in the pipes. You’re probably familiar with its sight, those faucets that stick out of your walls with no apparent use (till you have a leak or something one day, of course).

Like the floor traps, make sure they are positioned in the appropriate areas if you could help it, not near where you might want to put in a cabinet or mirror etc. This was something that we didn’t think of, so now our stopcocks are very visible in the bathrooms. If I had known earlier during the renovation, I would have requested that they be relocated to areas more hidden from view (such as below the sink or a corner).

Anyway, back to the monstrosities. We were shocked by its sheer ugliness. It was big, shiny and made of plastic. All six of them.

I didn’t know how much trouble we were in until I consulted my contractor, whose face promptly turned a darker shade of pale after I had expressed that I could not accept the aesthetics of the stopcock faucets and they must be removed.

As it turned out, stopcock faucets are all different in built from brand to brand. Changing one, even if it’s just the exterior would mean hacking into the walls, cutting the pipes and replacing it. Can you imagine replacing all six of them? I can totally relate to his anxiety.

Anyway, we decided to take a sample of our current stopcock faucets to our regular kitchen & bath shop. According to the salesperson, there is a chance that the exterior of one brand might fit another and we may not have to resort to hacking the walls. With our fingers crossed, she cross checked multiple brands with our existing one, and finally, she FOUND A BRAND THAT FIT! And the best thing of all, it’s the exact design that we were hoping for.

# – Monstrosity on the left and the new stopcock on the right.

So yeah, we are pretty lucky in that sense. No hacking, no cutting pipes, just unscrewing the exterior and screwing the new ones in. So if you’re ever re-doing your bathrooms, please, please, please remind your contractor that you want a specific design for your stopcock faucets (unless you don’t give a damn, of course).

Seriously hoping I won’t need to write a 3rd post on bathroom! /cross fingers.

Happy renovating :)

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Top 3 Men I’d like do the horizontal boogie with.

Okay, thanks to Aud, this top 3 people you like to *ahem* has become a meme! ST has done it here, Suan has done it here and Michael has done it here. Wow, it’s been a while since I last do a blog meme so this is pretty exciting!

Basically, these are 3 people whom you get a free pass from your partner to bonk. The likelihood is almost zero of course but it doesn’t hurt to fantasise :D

Here’s my list:

Hugh Jackman

Just something about him that makes me go weak on the knees. The hairy barrel chest, that perfect jawline, smoldering eyes, the mischievous twinkle in his smoldering eyes, those hair I want to run my fingers through over and over again…those long muscular limbs.

# – Utter perfection.
Hugh Jackman and his naked hairy chest walking out of the sea.

# – Touch me with those dirty hands.
Hugh Jackman with dirty hands that want to cup my body parts.

So he recently endorsed Lipton tea and I’ve heard people saying that it totally dragged his reputation down. Nope, sorry didn’t make a teeny dent. The ad makes me want to do unpublishable things to him with hot Lipton tea in my mouth till it becomes lukewarm.

# – I like tea and so does Hugh Jackman. Wheee!
Hugh Jackman is thirsty.

Christian Bale.

I’ve been lusting for him since I first saw him American Psycho. I have no idea how he can make me hyperventilate and want to take off my clothes off at the same time. Maybe it’s this:

# – HJMFC!!! *offensive religious names that shall remain abbreviated.

And then I read about his horrid temper in real life, which did nothing but increased my hots for him.

# – Oh, talk to me like that in bed, please.

# – Christian Bale can use his two fingers on me. To gently swipe my hair away from my face…

Ewan Mcgregor.

Okay, the very first time I saw Ewan Mcgregor was in Moulin Rouge. The impression I got from him was that of a vertically challenged, effeminate singer in the movie. What a terrible mistake that was.

First, I forgot he was acting alongside Nicole Kidman, who would dwarf any man. Secondly, I did not give him a 2nd chance. I refused to watch any film with him after that (ie: Star Wars and that shiteous Down with Love).

But as luck would have it, I saw him in Velvet Goldmine (which by the way, I bought for Jonathan Rhys Meyer AND Christian Bale) and Ewan Mcgregor totally & irrevocably changed my mind about him.

# – Ewan Mcgregor in Velvet Goldmine.

He’s dressed more girlish than he did in Moulin Rouge but why the change of mind? Well, he played a bisexual rockstar that performs in the nude on stage. Need I say more?

# – I put the smiley face over because I refuse to share the impressive sight with anyone. By the way, he was jumping up and down in this scene.

Something about an actor that uninhibited screams solid confidence. I want Ewan Mcgregor specifically from the back (make your own conclusion).

It helps a lot too that I’ve watched the documentary where he travelled across the world on a motorbike. Manly points through the roof ;)

# – Take me on a ride on your motorbike.
Ewan Mcgregor rides motorbike like a real man.

So…who are the top 3 people you like to *ahem*?

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And now…..a break from beautiful men and women.

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Pinched and not pinched.

Grew up having people around me making sure I knew and was aware of my naturally flat & chubby nose. I used to sleep with my nose clamped together with a clothes peg. But alas, it never got smaller. I did secretly feel that I’d be more photogenic if I had a slightly pinched nose (actually I still do can).

# – Natural nose. It’s bigger than my lips for fuck’s sake!

# – Pinched nose. See what I mean? Even my head looks slimmer with a slimmer nose.

So, pinched or not pinched?

p/s: yeap, this is another boh chap post brought to you by an uninspired blogger.

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