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Keeping fresh at the time of the month

Every month, us ladies have to face one daunting week known as the evil menstruation. To say that it’s the most uncomfortable time for us is truly an understatement. The icky-ness, the bloating, the throbbing pain, the list of discomfort is endless!

But yet, life goes on…we still got to go to work, still have to meet our friends, we still have to run errands, still have to do things we love. So, how do we keep ourselves in tiptop condition, ready to take on the world during that time of the month? Personally, I try to stay fresh and refreshed.

Every woman probably have their own ways of trying to keep themselves refreshed and fresh all the time but I’d like to share some of my methods.

1. Drink a lot of water.

# – Throw in a lemon to give it a refreshing edge.

Contrary to belief, drinking a lot of water really helps with bloating and the lethargy. Sometimes I squeeze in half a lime for a truly refreshing drink.

2. Put on a relaxing mask.

# – Mask, music (and a dog) :)

I love this monthly ritual of mine and I save it for the time of the month because it’s when I need it the most. Whenever I put on the mask, I’d make sure I have good soothing music playing too. I’ll always feel fresh and lovely after.

3. Read failblog.org

# – Best website in the world, ever!

I know, I know a bit of a schadenfreude tendencies going on here but failblog ALWAYS got me laughing so hard that I’ll forget that I’m having the terrible flow. Laughing is truly a great way to freshen up the mind.

4. Use Whisper Ultra.

# – Best for staying fresh during the dreaded week of the month.

In my humble opinion, it’s an awesome sanitary pad. The thinness is amazing, it doesn’t even feel like it’s there and it’s fantastic in keeping dry. Always feel fresh and dry whenever I’m using it.

5. Play with Charlie.

# – Another typical day at home goofing around with my son.

Charlie’s capacity for love is just indescribable. Every time I’m in his presence, I feel like everything is just going to be okay :)

So do you have any way of keeping fresh and refreshed during that time of the month? Feel free to share, sisters :)

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Delicious fusilli with tuna in mushroom sauce.

Don’t be fooled by the title of this post. It’s so easy to make that a 9 year old would have no problem doing so. But best of all, you’d probably already have all the ingredients in your pantry. Especially if you’re one of those lazy people (ie: me) who shop for convenience (read: frozen food, instant food, canned food, errr ready-diced garlic FML). One thing I’m sure of is that if a nuclear bomb were to go off now, I would probably survive better with all the food stuff that we have, due to the fact that they don’t have expiry dates and therefore do not expire.

That’s my version of immortal food. Okay without wasting anymore text space on my grocery shopping behaviour, lets move on to the ingredients that goes into the making of “Delicious Fusilli with Tuna in Mushroom Sauce”:

# – Italian herbs. Just to pay homage to the fact that it’s sort of an Italian dish.

# – Paprika. Because chopping up fresh chilis is such a bloody chore.

# – Olive oil. You can use whatever oil that rocks your pants but we’re sticking to olive oil because it makes me feel like I’m eating healthily.

# – Butter. You may use any kind of aromatic solid fat really (ie: lard and ghee) but please for heaven’s sake, throw away the margarine! You might as well melt a plastic spoon and eat it. As you can see, ours is blended with vegetable oil – same reason as to why we use olive oil above.

# – Salt for taste.

# – Drumroll!!!! Here comes the mushroom……soup. Didn’t expect that did you? Yeah, the entire mushroom content of the dish belongs to this box of powdered mushroom soup (which by the way is my favourite powdered mushroom soup of them all).

# – Tuna. If you’ve got fresh good cuts of tuna, good on you! But I’m nothing but a mere mortal, so I’m getting my tuna from a can.

# – Last but not least, the fusilli of course. Make sure you get a packet that says ‘Authentic Italian’ because that will inject more culture into your dish.

And now…..the cooking!

# – Boil 3 fistfuls of fusilli in a pot of water seasoned with a dash of salt and olive oil. Salt is supposed to make your pasta less bland and olive oil is supposed to keep them from sticking together in case you got too engrossed with checking your Twitter timeline and overcooked the poor pasta.

# – If you have botched the above up, it’s okay, you can start over but make sure you switch off the computer before you begin. If you didn’t botch it up, congratulations! Now pour off the water but not all of it, make sure to leave some for the pasta sauce. Throw in a dollop or 5 dollops of butter into the pasta. Mix well.

# – Now open a packet of powdered mushroom soup and slowly pour the content into the pasta. Mix as you pour. This is the part of the cooking where your logic needs to kick in. Don’t get too excited and dump the entire packet in because it might end up to be too salty. Taste as you go. Remember, taste as you go.

# – While still stirring the mushroom soup + pasta mixture, put some paprika into it. This serves to give the dish a little kick. If you prefer spicier, you may throw in leftover Domino’s chili flakes in (I save them all the time, don’t you?).

The pasta part is now done, set it aside and keep it warm. Which in my world means, turn off the flame for now and turn it on again later when the tuna’s done :P

# – In a different pot, heat up some olive oil.

# – Get the tuna as dry as possible by draining the brine. You don’t want to have oil popping in your face from cooking tuna, seriously. Then chuck them into the pot. They’re already cooked, but the point of this exercise is to brown them to a crisp, so you’ll have crispy and juicy tuna to chomp on. You may throw in a dash of Italian herbs to flavour the tuna.

# – Lastly, transfer the fusilli onto a plate and lay the tuna carefully on top. Garnish with more Italian herbs, paprika and some black pepper.

# – Ladies & gentlemen, delicious fusilli with tuna in mushroom sauce. Tasty and feels surprisingly healthy. Must be the olive oil ;)

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Inception and what inspires me.

I am currently suffering from writer’s block. I had written so much things in the past few days; advertorials, press releases, proposals, blog posts that my brains are incapable of churning out anything anymore. So what’s the obvious thing to do? Whinge about it on Twitter of course and hope to receive some suggestions. And suggestions were exactly what I got.

Lainey asked me to write about Inception, the Christopher Nolan’s mind fucking thriller. This is a topic I actually rather not touch on because frankly, I don’t think I’ve fully understood it and I seriously do not want to come across as a pseudo-intellectual fool LOL. I watched it only once and was more thrilled by the premise of the film than the film itself, if you get what I mean? There were some parts that I couldn’t get, like how does the Architect work? Does she have special fluid injected into her that allows her to landscape other people’s dreams? The film didn’t address this, or if it did I didn’t catch that part. And then the part where Cobb decided to stay back to rescue Saito who’s in limbo? How could he have made that decision as the “kicks” were already in place and he would be forcefully brought back to reality? Confusement max!

Then Joe asked me to write about my writer’s block and what inspires me. To be honest, I think evil inspires me. In my opinion, most of my best writings emerged from anger and hate. How do you not write with passion when driven by those emotions? Nice things are great but they are also soooo boring to write about. That’s probably why it’s really hard to blog when you’re contented and satisfied with life. Luckily or unluckily for me, I’m in a good place now. Being angry and hateful is exhausting and damaging to my relationships with other people, so I’m just trying to be open-minded about everything and give things the benefit of the doubt. Seriously, it’s a constant struggle for me not to fall into that “I WANT TO CUT YOUR FUCKING FACE” mode.

Okay, I’m done here. Gonna grab dinner.

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