July 1, 2010 - Narcissism is Necessary

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I don’t feel pretty tonight.

We had a long and cathartic chat last night. We have these conversations quite regularly, I guess you can call them “bonding sessions”. Often times, they would involve me saying really nasty things to him (because I’m hot tempered and brutal like that) and him questioning my beliefs and actions like a jerk (because he’s calm and logical like that).

We would be at it until we have thoroughly immersed ourselves in what each other is feeling and thinking. The accidental byproduct of these lashing-outs is that we inadvertently help each other to trace out what’s been triggering the latest wave of negative emotions or actions. And then we would agree to work on whatever issues.

I won’t say I look forward to these chit-chats but I can’t deny that they really do help in keeping our relationship in check. Every time after it happened, I can’t help but see that a relationship is so vulnerable and delicate. It’s very childish to expect bed of roses all the time, to expect your partner to behave or act a certain way and worst of all, to stay mum when something is bothersome. Silence is a silent killer (omg I’m cheesy as hell).

Anyway, after the emotionally charged discussion, we were happy and all again, he rested his head on my belly and we had one of those tender moments. He suddenly said softly, “I feel like giving you a treat tonight”.

I went all manja and replied, “Eeeee…don’t want lah I don’t feel very pretty tonight”.

Immediately, his head popped up. He narrowed his eyes and asked me, “What has pretty got to do with Spicy Chicken McDeluxe?”. And then he launched into a laughing fit.

# – Not pretty enough for Spicy Chicken McDeluxe.

Now, you can probably see why we need these heart to heart talks.

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