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Restoran Foong Foong, yummy & cheap yong tau fu in Ampang.

I was in Ampang last weekend to see Goo Tyng Tong. After, the visit we decided to have lunch at Foong Foong Ampang Yong Tau Fu. I’m embarrassed to say that despite growing up in Cheras (or now known as Ampang since last general election :P), I had no idea that Foong Foong is supposedly famous. My mom said that we used to go there regularly but I have to say, I’ve got no memory of doing so :P

It took my white boyfriend to tell me that Foong Foong is famous and insisted to eat there -_-

# – Restoran Foong Foong

The restaurant is located at the T-junction of the main road (basically, the Ampang traffic police station is one end and Foong Foong is at the opposite end) and flanked by two other yong tau fu restaurants. Make sure you go into the one that says Foong Foong :P

There’s no designated parking so just park on the roadside wherever you can and as close to the place.

It’s not easy to miss the restaurant. It’s always packed but quite easy to get a table as people come and leave. This is the type of places where one shouldn’t hoard the table, hehehe.

# – The entrance.

Every table is numbered, so when you place your order at the counter, you got to tell the staff the number of your table. Generally, each piece of yong tau fu cost RM0.80.

# – Deep fried dumplings and tofu skin.

I don’t usually like deep fried yong tau fu very much because they are sometimes a bit too hard. However, the deep fried goodies at Foong Foong were surprisingly light and crispy. It’s effortless to eat and very tasty.

# – Stuffed chillis, bittergourds, lady’s fingers and tofu.

I can’t really tell whats the stuffing is made of but I suspect it’s a mixture of pork and fish paste. The vegetables used were fresh and not cooked to oblivion. The gravy was light and delicious.

# – Look ma, I can use chopsticks!

The bill came to less than RM21 including drinks for two people. Well, you won’t find anything astronomically impressive at Foong Foong, just simple dishes that are very satisfying. I’m definitely coming back!

Restoran Foong Foong
621-A, Jalan Besar Ampang,
68000 Ampang

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