Inception and what inspires me.

I am currently suffering from writer’s block. I had written so much things in the past few days; advertorials, press releases, proposals, blog posts that my brains are incapable of churning out anything anymore. So what’s the obvious thing to do? Whinge about it on Twitter of course and hope to receive some suggestions. And suggestions were exactly what I got.

Lainey asked me to write about Inception, the Christopher Nolan’s mind fucking thriller. This is a topic I actually rather not touch on because frankly, I don’t think I’ve fully understood it and I seriously do not want to come across as a pseudo-intellectual fool LOL. I watched it only once and was more thrilled by the premise of the film than the film itself, if you get what I mean? There were some parts that I couldn’t get, like how does the Architect work? Does she have special fluid injected into her that allows her to landscape other people’s dreams? The film didn’t address this, or if it did I didn’t catch that part. And then the part where Cobb decided to stay back to rescue Saito who’s in limbo? How could he have made that decision as the “kicks” were already in place and he would be forcefully brought back to reality? Confusement max!

Then Joe asked me to write about my writer’s block and what inspires me. To be honest, I think evil inspires me. In my opinion, most of my best writings emerged from anger and hate. How do you not write with passion when driven by those emotions? Nice things are great but they are also soooo boring to write about. That’s probably why it’s really hard to blog when you’re contented and satisfied with life. Luckily or unluckily for me, I’m in a good place now. Being angry and hateful is exhausting and damaging to my relationships with other people, so I’m just trying to be open-minded about everything and give things the benefit of the doubt. Seriously, it’s a constant struggle for me not to fall into that “I WANT TO CUT YOUR FUCKING FACE” mode.

Okay, I’m done here. Gonna grab dinner.

8 thoughts on “Inception and what inspires me.”

  1. I’m super inspired to write when I’m thoroughly pissed off. My brain comes up with phrases, vocab and analogies I would never dream of if I’m in a happy place. But you’re right, it is damaging on many levels, and you’re not alone, I too struggle often not to fall into EVIL mode :)

  2. Hello Kimberly,

    I commented on your blogs before long, long time ago. I think you can see a good therapist/psychotherapist (not common counselor) to help you to express things inside you; I think this is more helpful than writing it in your blogs because I can still see that you’re still struggling with some negative emotions. If not therapists, then perhaps drawing, painting (acrylic/pastel) and molding clays. Expressive artwork (especially acrylic/pastel) is very fast in venting and releasing negative emotions like angers, hurts, depressions and doubts, and leave them permanently on the drawing blocks or clays (if you prefer shaping objects or squeezing things). Once they are out, you won’t be affected by them. I think you need to get them out and it seems to me that you haven’t done so very well, I think. (I also would like read more happy things from you on your blogs, like Ringo Tan’s Her blogs are full of cheerful stuffs.) By the way, in conclusion, what I said are just my opinions…so…no need to follow them, if they don’t work for you…See ya…

  3. fieran: must be a chemical reaction in our body haha

    eyeris: maybe you’re just a really great writer!

    suertes: wow, thanks for the link. am still reading it, very good analysis!

    shortcake: i can totally relate to you haha.

    ky: i actually prefer eating them than writing about them lol

    yin-phin: thanks for the concern, it’s very kind of you. i agree with u that i still struggle to contain my negative emotions and i’m working on them by learning how to sew, cook and stuff. hope to be able to write about more happy stuff here hehe

  4. Hello Kimberly. If sewing and cooking work for you, then you have managed to keep those negative emotions under control (by reduction or by release). I just hope those emotions don’t overrun and debilitate you and your life. I think you will be a lot more creative if you’re more happy…

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