TLC Promise Me Pledge Update #3

It’s been 25 days now since my first post on my pledge to raise funds to buy Goo Tyng Tong a hospital bed, under the TLC Promise Me campaign. The support I’ve received in the past 22 days has been nothing less than enormous.

The current amount now stands at RM3500 RM3900, not including other pledges of donations that amount to RM1000, which would increase the amount to RM4900!! That’s almost 5 times the initial target! Looks like there’s some space for a 2nd bed :)

This is truly a humbling experience for myself. I gotta admit, you guys are not just helping Goo but is doing me a HUGE favour too. I’ve never felt better in my life. Even the boyfriend has noticed a difference to my personality; according to him I’m displaying much less madness since I undertook the pledge. Being surrounded by so much kindness does make you view the world in a different light.

# – This is a PSA shot by Bernama for the campaign.

Here’s the latest list of private donors and corporate sponsors:

Private Donors RM
Mr. JK 100
Ms. Paige K 200
Mr. C 400
Mr. Liverpool FC Fan 700
Mr. Paul Tan 500
Ms. Kimberly P 200
Ms. Radiance L. 200
Mr. Niki Cheong 200
Corporate Sponsors RM
The Pop Look 200
Queen Chloset 200 800
Cziplee 200
Artmakr 200
TOTAL 3900

# – Had to make a new chart to accommodate the stratospheric increase ;)

A lot of people have asked me if I’ve got enough funds but to be honest, please keep them coming. With the amount raised so far, we could definitely get Goo a more than decent bed but as long as we’re still in the fund raising period, I’d love to get as much as possible so that it’s possible to get a 2nd, even 3rd bed for the other kids in similar plight at the centre.

# – With Goo.

If you’re interested in supporting me with this initiative you can do so by taking up a one-time only offer of publicity packages on this website:

-140px*245px Banner Ad (online for 30 days) with one dedicated advertorial/review: RM800 [2 spots available]

-Text link ad on side bar under the title “Caring Supporters” (online for 30 days) with one mini advertorial (combined write-ups with a maximum of 5 sponsors in one post): RM 200 [6 spots available]

For enquiries, email me at kimberlycun[]

Thanks again for the support everyone. I can’t thank you enough but please know that you’ve made a wonderful difference to Goo’s life.

Read about the journey of this initiative here:

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