Stressed Maximus

Here I am blogging from my BB again while waiting for my dinner order to come cause I’ve been working the whole day.

What a stressful day for me. Oh well, aren’t all jobs stressful what’s so different from mine or yours? Just want to say how come such terribly incompetent people are capable of securing jobs. They should all be fired and their salaries given to deserving people. It’s better anyway cause the capable people won’t have to waste more time cleaning up the mess created by these idiots.

I hope there’s a Career God cause he seriously need to off the bane of our existence, Tony Soprano style.

By the way, dinner is here:

3 thoughts on “Stressed Maximus”

  1. Dinner looks yummy.

    I find it frustrating how sometimes some things are so clear to me, that I just cannot fathom why somebody else does not get it. This might be one of those cases perhaps – where you’re great at your job and everything is very clear to you – but to somebody else, it just isn’t that clear? Intelligence is a double edged sword – a curse, yet a blessing :)

  2. You are great at what you do. I know this from experience. What would i do without you Kim. haha probably stab my eyes out or run into a wall.

    You can buy many things but i have to agree, competence has to be something people are blessed to have!

    Thank you for all your help. I now have to concentrate on not getting whooped.

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