The Pink Pastry Song for me!

So right, one day, out of the blue I got this email. With a link to a video.

It is called, “Pink Pastry for Kimberly Low”.

According to the email, it was specially made in response to my blog post about making strawberry chocolate sponge roll.

# – I imagine this is the first strawberry chocolate sponge roll in the world to have spawn a music video.

First of all, I’m honoured these people have taken the time and effort to make a music video about my strawberry roll. It is both flattering and a little weird….but mostly flattering :)

Secondly, I know this is some sort of campaign funded by Paypal and bravo x 500 times because yeah, you’ve gotten my attention! So what is this Promise you guys are singing about?

Lastly, thank you for making my day :)

5 thoughts on “The Pink Pastry Song for me!”

  1. was about to sleep when i saw my sidebar updated with this post of yours.



    *long pause*

    OK this is truly very unusual hehe. kudos to the guys for coming up with something so completely random to sing about though LOL. all very cute, but not really my choice of song topics lah hahahaha.

  2. Whoa! your strawberry rolls are famous Kimberly! And so are you. Haha, i like the part where they start singing your name, it kind of rhymes! :P

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