Celebratory feast.

So we’ve finished everything that has to do with tertiery education (except for the final year project presentation on the 6th next month) and thought we ought to celebrate. Being Malaysians, how else do we do it aside from drinking and eating? Hence that’s exactly what we did.

We drove all the way to Tanjung Harapan for a feast at this restaurant called Port Village. I’ve been there before for Mother’s Day but didn’t leave with a good impression because it was crowded and the food was so-so (thanks to my scrooge of an aunt too stingy to chip in for better seafood so we were ordering lousy food to please her). I really would prefer any restaurant in Teluk Gong over Port Village. Anyway, what the heck, I thought. It was a long journey to be there I might as well enjoy it.

And yeah, you bet I enjoyed it. Every single bite.

First up, vegetable fried with belacan and salt roasted mantis prawns (this is good stuff!).

Spicy clams.

Drunken prawns.

Chilli crabs and spicy dry crabs.

Obligatory fried buns to soak up the chilli gravy. Yum yum yum!

Marmite baby octopuses (addictive stuff).

All of us.

We ordered fried calimari to wrap up the dinner, but I forgot to take picture of it. It was also good! Oh, and I drank without passing out and managed to drive back home in one piece. Hehehe.

I think the gang and I are going to do this more often, we’re thinking about once a month, dedicated just for food. Well, this meal will go down in history as my last indulgence for the year. I’ve vowed to go on a balanced diet with loads of exercise to lose this pesky 5 kilos that I haven’t lost yet. I hope it won’t become another unsuccessful resolution.

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