Weekend trip with the clan.

Went to Cameron Highlands for the weekends. Spent loads of quality time with the family. It isn’t the most interesting place on earth, which isn’t that bad because it forces you to make the best out of the tiniest things. And I mean things like listening to your Mom relate stories that she had repeated for the 1,787,998th time or losing your monthly allowance to your Dad in chortaidee or hearing you brother mumbling about being a virgin or something when he’s drunk. All in all, it was quite a fun trip, in spite of the damp and smelly apartment, horrid steaks and hours long journey to and back.

What else is there in Cameron Highlands besides..

Tea plantation.



The people…

My folks.

Nick 2, Nick 1, me and Nick 1’s favourite girl (besides me and Mom).

Virginal Nick 1, drunk.

Lastly, I thought this is a cool picture…

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