I blew Huai Bin’s whistle.

I know the title is a bit……but I couldn’t help it. ROTFLOL.

Look what I’ve got here…

At first, Paul alerted me of this comment made by some anonymous dumbfuck on Huai Bin’s latest post. Click for larger version.

Then the anonymous dumbfuck proceeded to shit at my site.

Click for larger version.

The comments have since been deleted.

Needless to mention, I didn’t blow HB’s whistle (sorry, I just have to say it like that again, ehehehe). I may love his site…but not that much! I think his site is more interesting and educational than dajal. And no, I haven’t been influenced to do drugs eventhough I’ve been a loyal reader for more than a year.

I think the media has once again sexed things up and it is without a doubt, another plot to undermine the credibility of blogging. Of course, I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s a plot to deviate attention from the current Squatgate. It’s only disheartening to see HB being made a scapegoat and I wish him the best of luck. Hope he would come out of this unscathed.

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