Water cut :(

Urgh! There will be water disruption in my area from 8am Wednesday to 8am Friday. It seems like almost the entire Petaling Jaya and most parts of Kuala Lumpur would be affected.

You can check if your area’s involved here: https://www.facebook.com/note.php?note_id=229138477099369

By the way, you’ve got to like the Facebook Page before you could view anything. And uhhh, you have to know how to read Malay. My dogsitter, who lives in the neighbourhood across from mine had totally no inkling about the water cut until I asked her.

I didn’t receive any notice in the post box (although I had in the past for water cuts of much shorter periods), so I imagine SYABAS (the private corporation that owns our water supply and hence our asses too) did not even bother to notify anybody off the Internet.

Since we have the privilege of knowing about the water cut before it happens, last night, we went to Tesco to hunt for water containers.

Unfortunately, only puny buckets that were neither big nor small and very space wasting were available. In the end, we ditch the idea of buying new water containers and decided we would have better luck using whatever that was available at home.

# – 2 tumblers of water for brushing teeth and washing face.

# – 51 litres of water for short showers. No hair washing, thankfully I’m wearing my hair short and the BF has none, teehee.

# – Two pails of water for the main toilet. Honestly, I don’t mind being slightly constipated in the next few days :P

# – Some drinking water. Not so worried about this because we could always buy bottled drinking water.

# – Another pail of water in the less used toilet, just in case…

# – And finally, general hand washing water because we’ve got a furkid and all, gotta keep it pretty clean.

Yeap, that’s all. No cooking. No washing dishes. We’ve stocked up two days’ worth of microwaveable food that can be nuked and eaten from its own containers.

# – Frozen, processed food. Yums.

Why? Because there wouldn’t be any food establishment within 30km radius of our home that wouldn’t affected by the water cut. And the last thing we want is bouts of diarrhoea during this time…

And ya, food posts would probably be published intermittently during this period :(

Good luck to everyone in the Klang Valley!