Heart my Daddy!

Although I’m 26 (okay, 27 in a month) and living outside with another man not related to me, the first person I’d call whenever I land myself into trouble is my Dad. In fact, I have my Dad on speed dial.

Yes, I’m a daddy’s girl. Here’s a pretty funny story on how my Dad owned me when I got into a car accident :P

This year, we decided to celebrate Father’s Day a week earlier as daddy would be in Langkawi while I in Malacca on the actual day. I conspired with both my brothers to surprise him.

We decorated the house with balloons and my brothers designed a poster. We even wore funny masks! The expression on his face when he walked through the door was priceless :D

# – Dad with his kids and furkids.

Of course, I had to make a cake. My dad has very similar tastebuds to mine and he enjoys cakes!

Particularly cheesecake. I was in fact going to make cheesecake but n00bed it by assuming I had enough cream cheese at home, which I of course didn’t -_-

# – Cake making in progress.

So instead of his favourite, I decided to make lemon coconut layer cake, a 3 layer sponge flavoured by lemon juice and dessicated coconut sandwiched together with lemon curd and frosted in lemon buttercream.

# – Cake in a box!

# – Cake coming out of a box!

The first question my dad asked when he saw the cake was, “Is it a cheesecake?”. FML.

# – Daddy cutting cake under Sisi’s watchful eyes.

Nevertheless, he had 3 helpings so I guess he liked it :)

# – Cake, half eaten.

# – With my favourite man in the world!

Love you Daddy!