The Pink Pastry Song for me!

So right, one day, out of the blue I got this email. With a link to a video.

It is called, “Pink Pastry for Kimberly Low”.

According to the email, it was specially made in response to my blog post about making strawberry chocolate sponge roll.

# – I imagine this is the first strawberry chocolate sponge roll in the world to have spawn a music video.

First of all, I’m honoured these people have taken the time and effort to make a music video about my strawberry roll. It is both flattering and a little weird….but mostly flattering :)

Secondly, I know this is some sort of campaign funded by Paypal and bravo x 500 times because yeah, you’ve gotten my attention! So what is this Promise you guys are singing about?

Lastly, thank you for making my day :)