I exorcised the banshee.

This is me rocking the banshee a couple of weeks ago..

This is me with the banshee exorcised….

The last time I cut my hair was 6 months ago and I loved every minute of it. Till it grew to my shoulders and not even my powerful blow dryer could fix the banshee look.

This afternoon (which, not coincidentally is the 1st day I got my car back after the boyfriend spent weeks using mine because he was fiddling with his own car) I went back to the same stylist, Alvin to get my hair done.

I love Alvin, I trust him with all my heart and soul. He gave me the same cut albeit with a slight change at the back to allow it to grow out more evenly.

I honestly don’t know what colour, because I left the decision to Alvin. I’m guessing it’s hurm, chocolate?

You know, the recent fake water cut has really messed up my cooking mojo. So I’m taking the break as an opportunity to give the kitchen a bit of a thorough cleaning before stocking in fresh groceries. Hopefully cooking posts shall commence soon!!!

Have a good hair week peeps :P