My 2 favourite blogs of June 2011.

Today, I’ve made a decision to share the blogs that I enjoy reading, at least once a month. Reading these blogs make me happy and I hope they’ll make you happy too :D

Being a cooking enthusiast, there’s no doubt you’ll be seeing a lot of food/cooking blogs but hey, I have other interests too so you’ll see some variety in my blog reading list, I promise!

Without further ado, here are the reasons why I enjoy the two blogs below. Happy surfing!

First up…Chapter V.

# –

This is one of my favourite cooking blogs, and written by a local girl no less. The description of herself on the website reads, “SAHW(stay@home wife) | mom to a furkid | avid culinarian | introvert by choice | serial grocery shopper”.

I believe I have found a kindred spirit! :)

Her food always look immaculate and I wish I could replicate some of the stuff she does! I mean she made her own fish fingers! By the time I finished reading about her homemade fish fingers, I was thoroughly consumed by both joy and jealousy.

Joy over her generosity in sharing the recipe and jealousy in knowing I could probably not make such beautiful fish fingers.

What’s more, she grows her own fresh herbs too! I am humbled!

I’m pretty sure right after the BF has seen her blog, he would insist I attempt to make some fish fingers for his childhood favourite, the fish finger sandwich (yes, there is such food!). Thanks for making all these delicious food, whytevee (this is not your name, right?)!

Secondly,Flying Fish in Big Pond.

# –

I’ve actually met Heather once, at an event which she managed. There, she revealed she’d be leaving Malaysia for Shanghai and I haven’t seen or heard from her since.

Fast forward a couple of years later, I stumbled upon the blog of this gorgeous Malaysian lady who lives in Luxembourg with her sexy chef of a husband.

She’s always optimistic and even when she’s down, she somehow find ways to see things positively. It’s always such a treat to read about her life. Plus, I love her style! I want to steal all her clothes!!!

I read her blog religiously but I never put two and two together, until she posted up an old picture of herself holding a totebag with the logo of the brand she was managing back in Malaysia! I was like, OMG it’s HEATHER! WTF??

It was weird to realise that the stranger I’d been reading about all this while was not really a stranger afterall. Weird, but a good weird :)

Hope you’d like reading them as much as I do. Please, do go say hi to the ladies!

Cheers and have a good weekend!