Why I love assorted stuff.

Why I love going back to my popo’s during CNY?

Authentic hakka food! The most awesomesauce steamed patin nom nom!

My cute cousin’s baby! See how BradBrad is so fixated with his food, bad puppy!

My uncle’s gentle mutt, Kopi.

Why I love my Dad?

Cause he buys things like Durian Crips.

And they taste like durian flavoured cookies.

Why I love my Canon S90?

Cause it takes pictures like this and makes me hairier than I really am.

4 thoughts on “Why I love assorted stuff.”

  1. Wow!!! Good to see another fellow Hakka comrad!!! I love CNY too when I get to sample all the delicious Hakka food and great finds my dad has.

    Is the durian chips any good? Where to buy ar?

  2. eyeris: really i didn’t know that! i just thought my popo & aunt are fabulous cooks. haha

    winnie: hehe well technically i’m hokkien but my hakka roots are stronger! the durian chips are good if you’re into durian flavoured cookies. i still prefer durian in its natural state :)

    ky: haha yeah, kopi is not an entirely accurate name

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