New year, new hair.

Since it’s chinese new year, guess it’s time to show off my latest hairstyle :D

# – Happy Chinese New Year 2011!!!

Bought the dress while walking mindlessly in Nichii. I’ve been shopping there since they were just a little shoplot in Sungai Besi and despite its maligned reputation (Ah Lian, cheap etc) I still find a lot of my favourite clothings from there! Probably cause I’m an unapologetic Ah Lian teeheehee.

# – My chor yat dress.

# – Bought it cause I fell in love with this scallop detail.

How hot is it in KL now? Am actually in Genting at the moment and quite glad to be away from the heat hehe.

# – Charlie wishes you a Merry Chinese New Year too! :)

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27 thoughts on “New year, new hair.”

  1. Have been occasionally reading your blog and I love the way u write. But one thing I always notice is your hair!:X great that you finally changed it. Looks awesome and compliments you well in that pretty dress! :)

  2. I love your new hair style! You look so fresh. I understand you had natural wavy hair, how do you maintain it that sleek? I wanan chop mine too but I worry later it becomes “bomb” since I had wavy hair.

    1. gin: thanks to you and your recommendation! mwahs happy cny

      sholee: thanks!!! happy cny to you too :)

      hildamilda: thank you and thank you! took me a while to summon up enough courage for the cut hehe

      glo-w: thank you! my hair on the other hand is fine and frizzy. i think if you’ve got a good cut it does help a lot!

      mela: thanks happy new year to you too!

      drea: haha that bad meh? thanks anyway :)

      june: thank you thank you! :D

      n: i now truly believe in investing in a good cut. im surprised myself it doesn’t take a lot of maintenance, less than a minute of blow drying, some light soft wax and it last till i go to sleep! summore my hair type is fine,wavy and frizzy!

      punk chopsticks: oh no darling….not my glasses! >.< im pretty sure i don't know what i'd think 10 years from now. but im sure whatever it might be, i'd be happy i did/wore things as i pleased. thanks for the compliment!

  3. mark: nice to know klang valley is not that hot! gong hei gong hei!

    mar: camera angle lah!

    ky: tq!

    mell: thanks babe! mwahs

    harry potter: wow, you’re so witty can!

    wendy: tq tq :D

    may: omg ya! i am almost 30 and not married the heat is on haha

    sha: thanks babe!

    bee: haha good idea! but i don’t think i he could keep it on unless i tape it down haha

    nick: thanks :D

    peb: thank you thank you!

    rachie: thanks babee

  4. Woman! I can’t help but to place a comment. You are smoking hot, wei! I never thought you will cut off your locks of hair. The look really suits you,

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