Happy Chinese New Year 2014!

When I discovered that I had a puncture in the basement carpark of my office just before chinese new year, the first thing that popped into my head was, “Wow..this snake ain’t happy about leaving!”

Kept my cool and called the husband, who promptly gave me several numbers to call. My saviour arrived in less than 15 minutes. He discovered a tiny pebble lodged within the valve of the affected tyre. I racked my brains trying to figure out if I had pissed anyone off on the road or while parking, nothing came to mind. This could only be the work of a mischievous vandal.

# – My saviour.

Anyway, I was just really happy I didn’t have to get stuck for hours and that my bouts of diarrhoea had calmed down significantly. Yeap, I have failed to mention that I was already suffering from the embarrassing affliction for over a week. This snake ain’t happy about leaving!

Thankfully, that was pretty much it – peeing from my ass and getting a flat tyre. By CNY’s eve, everything was back to normal. Oh, I’m also proud to announce that my credit cards are at ZERO balance. Glad to have gotten that off my back!

Reunion dinner was steamboat at my mom’s. My white husband even brought his own bottle of Sriracha. He’s very serious about his steamboat.

# – Steamboat yum yum.

Can’t do a reunion without Charlie….he’s my hairy son afterall! Coco, my brother’s mutt is still as in love with Charlie as ever.

# – Coco and Charlie.

On the first day of Chinese New Year, I totally dressed up. Even put on some make-up! Curled my hair with the Babyliss Miracurl – this is definitely one of the best beauty products I have ever owned.

# – OOTD for 1st day of CNY.

Got the dress from Kitschen. Not sure about the phallic symbols.

Mom made my favourite vegetarian dish – Lo Hon Jai or Buddha’s Delight. The husband got his favourite Lap Mei Fan – rice with assortment of waxed meat.

# – Lohonjai and lapmeifan.

After breakfast, we drove to Mentakab to visit my popo. She cooked up a storm as usual.

# – More foooood!

After visiting my popo and my cousins, we came back to KL and I basically vegetated for the rest of the holiday.

Really enjoyed this year’s simple CNY celebration. I am feeling very positive for the year of the horse and hope you are too. Happy Chinese New Year!

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