Wedding woes.

Wedding planning is hideously stressful. I’ve started to realise that I can’t just do what I want, which is probably dumping the entire budget on a sick diving/shopping vacation. I’m not even excited about choosing a dress, I just want something that I can eat in.

Sometimes I wake up feeling like I need the most perfect, romantic, whimsical wedding. Other times, I just feel like FTS, I’m going to cook and invite 50 friends over to my house. No flowers, no ribbons, no fuss. But more often than not, I just want to go on a super holiday.

The other day I tweeted about wanting to elope. Someone replied, asking me, “I thought you’re already married”. And then it hit me….we are legally married. Even without the wedding, we are married. So why I am stressing myself sick about this gig?

I could literally just send everyone a note (people whom I’m supposed to care about being present at my wedding although I’ve never met them) that we’re married without a 9-course feast of over-priced mediocre food. I don’t even have to subject these strangers to the discomfort of RSVP-ing “No”.

I think what bugs me is that this is supposed to be my day. MINE. So why does all my planning now involve thinking about what these people whom I don’t know personally might feel about it? Why must I eat 9 course when I really just want oyster shooters and suckling pigs? Okay, and a soup.

I attended a friend’s garden wedding a while ago and I overheard one of her older relatives complaining about the food and the heat, very rudely & loudly. You can’t imagine how pissed off I was by it. This person was invited to celebrate the couple’s union, why was she so fucking self-absorbed about how she feels?

I wish these kind of people would just stop and think about the kind of negative energy that they are spreading at someone’s wedding! And it was a very beautiful and nicely done wedding by the way.

Sigh, am trying to summon enough courage to do exacty what I want with my wedding. It’s hard, but wish me luck.

Anyway, our ROM pictures taken in Putrajaya are ready! Our photographer was the awesome Anna-Rina. At first I was a bit worried that I might look chubby but Anna’s really good with finding my angles, so I’m really happy with the pictures :)

# – Our jolly & cheerful registrar.

# – With my parents & brothers after it’s signed, sealed & delivered.

# – This one is my favorites because we looked happy and relaxed :)

Thanks Anna for the beautiful pictures! <3

28 thoughts on “Wedding woes.”

  1. I bet the relative wasn’t complaining anymore when it started raining later that day… LOL. But anyway, just make sure you don’t have garden weddings in the afternoon, and use transparent tents… LOL

    Oh, and who cares what other people think about your wedding lar. As long as both of you (and your parents) are happy enough lar. Oh, and Pork Gang too.

    PS: Better make sure there’s enough alcohol.

    1. you need to have an anniversary party just like your wedding! and thanks for the tips haha. you can count on G on the booze department as for the dancing, sorry man non-negotiable.

  2. its your wedding so do it your way.

    i omitted the regular whatever course dinner. i had a 4 tables for the elders of our families so that we could have a tea ceremony. screw the fish with head and tail, we ordered cod fish coz that’s cod is my fave fish.

    our ceremony was merely at the registrar and celebrated with our closes friends of 20 at lakehouse complete with dinner and of course a soccer game with oranges laced with vodka to quench everyone’s thirst.

  3. Good luck with it all. I’m planning to only have a small dinner for close friends and spend more for the honeymoon instead.

    Don’t stress too much because in the end, it’s about the two of you.

  4. I agree with Mike. Try not to care about what other people might think. It’s u and Gareth’s day, you guys should have the most fun!! hugshugs hang in there

  5. Actually I am thinking of having a simple dinner with close relatives and family members like how missyblurkit did too, when it is my turn :) Most importantly, we just enjoy our honeymoon and days, and years, together with the loved ones.

    1. that’s what i was planning too, but then everything started to be like, “must do like this one, must do like that one, your guests won’t like one, bla bla bla”. kill me nao :(

  6. nice photos there! and congratulations again.

    Don’t worry too much about the wedding, just go with the flow.. sometimes the bride thinks way too much. Be like us, just fork out the money and worry less :P.. Mine was done in Sept last year, and it was truly an experience.

  7. never commented on ur blog before, but thought i might do more than just stealing your recipes this time :P haha congrats and please just do a small intimate wedding if thats what u want! i think huge weddings with like 1000 guests u dont end up doing is rubbish. its like somehow weddings are almost a way to show off your status etc when it becomes big and impersonal.

  8. If your parents support you all the way on how you want to do your wedding, just do it. My fiance kept saying we should just elope too but again, it’s about the union of 2 families too. So, have to balance it out-lor.

    Just don’t let the requests or complaints of others deter your ideal wedding. It’s your happiness with the cat. :)

  9. Love your pictures! So natural and absolutely adorable – just like the two of you! :)) And enjoy this planning process: the stress, the anticipation, the arguments, the excitement, the meltdowns… it’s all part of the whole experience that you can talk and laugh about in years to come. :))

  10. hey~! congrats on your marriage ;) it’s been a while since I visit your blog, and’re married! hehe..looking forward for your cooking post! love it ;)

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