how far would you go for good health?

following my last episode with severe menstrual cramps, i decided to start taking care of my health by consuming bak foong pills, a traditional chinese medicine used for regulating menstrual symptoms. they’re supposed to make my womb strong and healthy.

i got my supply from eu-yan sang, a leading chinese traditional healthcare company in malaysia. i’m supposed to take a bottle of this on a weekly basis. i can’t really tell whether it’s working but i’ll know when my next period arrives.

#1 – eu-yan sang bak foong pills.
eu yan sang bak foong pills

anyway, this morning, in a mood for some light reading i decided to check out the ingredients of the bak foong pills. check em out:

#2 – the ingredients.
semen and faeces

okay, at first i thought they were just some tragically spelt words but imagine my surprise when google revealed that Faeces Trogopterori are indeed poop. rat’s poop. flying rat’s poop to be specific.

at this point, i wasn’t so sure about googling for Semen Sesami Nigrum. click the link if you want to find out what’s google’s explanation for Semen Sesami Nigrum.

well, i’m not going to stop taking my bak foong pills, they did cost me about RM90 for 6 miserable bottles. so how far would you go for good health? chugging your own urine, anyone?

11 thoughts on “how far would you go for good health?”

  1. As for me , this pill really works.. If this pills suit u , next round u will see the differences.. less pain, less cramp, eventually no pain at all..

    However rm90 for 6 bottles too expensive leh.. When they have promo, normally is only rm70 for 6 bottles…

  2. ahaha… u should try Black pudding from Scotland! i almost turned my insides out when i knew wat it was made of! but it tasted good :P

  3. i heard evening primrose oil is very effective and many girl friends of mine told me so. they said the pain is less after taking it. have u tried it?

  4. My aunt gave me 2 bottles of these 6 months ago, and I havent finished them. I am too lazy to eat them. I might resume back the bak fong yuen routine.

    I can go quite far, but I think I wont consume Collagen which claims to give u good skin etc. I think that is just a temporary solution.

  5. Hi!

    I was wondering, did these pills help you with your menstrual pain? Does it help with giddiness and cold sweats during menstruation as well?


    1. hi jash, it did help with menstrual pain. however i never experienced giddiness/cold sweats so i really can’t tell you. i imagine it helps too as you’re more unlikely to experience those things if you’re not in pain. cheers.

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