Body changes.

Have been staring at this screen since 2.30pm. Wanted to write something funny to brighten up the mood a bit but no matter how much I wring my brains, nothing. Zero. Blank.

The past 3 days, I had been rendered useless by a crippling female cramp. Without trying to sound overly dramatic, it got me to thinking about my mortality. Having just stepped into my early late 20s, I’m starting to notice a lot of things about my body that I’d never really taken notice before.

For example, my ears canals seem to have taken on lives of their own. Every end of the day, they would start itching like mad, crying out for some sweet cotton buds probing. My toe nails seem to be growing out at lightning speed and I’ve kinda given up on pedicures because painting over them just seem pointless. And, and….I’ve recently acquired a grand total of ONE nipple hair!

Do you notice these things? At what age did you begin to see all these changes to your body? I feel like I’m going through puberty again, only it’s way grosser than I remember it at 12.

While these are just harmless episodes of growing older, I somehow feel that they may be preludes to health issues I will definitely face one day. Already those monthly cramps are a cause for concern and already I’m feeling hesitant, okay, scared to have it checked out.

Only now I understand why so many people only seek treatment for their health problems when it’s already too late. Never mind that they are educated, informed and rational. It’s so easy to convince yourself that the problems may gradually disappear as long as you don’t pay attention to them. Fear or ego? Mostly fear I guess.

Okay, enough of gloomy health concerns. Excuse me while I go pluck some stray hair.

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  1. I used to get really bad cramps and nausea so much so that my first day is a nightmare – but they’ve actually gotten better now that I watch what I eat and exercise regularly. Not to sound like a textbook health nut but it is true. Like if I’m careful and skip cold stuff one week before “time” the cramps are much more bearable. Regular cardio exercises seem to reduce the bloating and lethargy I get as well. I also reduced my salt intake – like I don’t eat chips and french fries and that definitely helps for water retention. It’s not really a diet though, more like a change of lifestyle. You could try it – you’ll start to feel more calm and centered.

  2. Thanks for letting us know about the nipple hair thing.

    I won’t be able to think of nipples the same way.


    don’t worry its all about growing old and dignified.

  3. I think Fieran has got the right point. At your age, the best that you could do to get over this time of month is to work out and be as fit as you can get. Super fit would be a bonus. Well, they DO say that women who work out a lot have less flow and less pain. Or is it simply because they take on so much pain they become a little more immune to the end-of-month incident when it comes round… which ever it is, like I say, workout seems the best way, and it does come with other benefits as well..

    (not that I’d actually know a thing firsthand..)

  4. I know I take my health for granted because I’m still at the age where I think I’m invincible :P But recently a lot of deaths have made me think twice and I’m going to continue going for yearly medical check-ups and so on. I’m lucky that everything is fully paid for by my company, so might as well use it anyway.

  5. andymervingeorge: no la -_-

    fieran: yeah babe, i’ve cut out tea so far (and i really did see improvement), still trying to cut down on salt and dairy but it’s so hard coz i love my food so much. agree with the exercise, once upon a time when i was hitting the gym regularly i don’t remember having all these problems. im such a couch potato now!!

    HK450: my mom has it so i am at risk, but i don’t have heavy flow which is one of the endometriosis symptoms so hopefully it’s not that.

    yeehou: it’s okay, when u get older u should b getting more nipple hairs than me lol

    suertes: i have no idea y exercise improves PMS, but i guess it’s a fringe benefit of being healthier.

    mell: great to develop an awareness early on. it’s really silly not to go for checkups especially when it’s all paid for, i better start looking at some good healthcare plans too

  6. It could be endometriosis. Painful cramps is a symptom of endo. Symptoms of endo are complicated – it’s not all/most symptoms, and sometimes symptoms also don’t match.

    I had very light flow, no cramps but somehow had a blood cyst that kept growing ’till it was 7cm. It was only discovered when I went to the 1st gynae who decided to try an ultrasound, but she stupidly said can wait so it kept growing. On my ovary. My mom was worried so she took me to her doc that took one look at it and scheduled surgery next week to get it out. Thankfully she managed to save my ovary.

    Not to worry you or anything but when you’re at your gynae just ask for an ultrasound – external, like those preggers one. Or test blood for CA125 marker.

  7. Also any girls after age of 20 regardless of sexual activity should go to the gynae for checkup. They won’t do any internal exams so don’t worry. Think people still think that ladies only need to go to gynae only after being sexually active/married or pregnant.

  8. Yep.. most likely endometriosis. Cancer not likely, you’re not in the age group but not completely impossible.

    Gold standard diagnosis method for endometriosis is still surgery. (Laparoscopy)

  9. ky: :P

    leeloo: ya, my mom’s been asking me to do an ultrasound also. speaking of which, my last gynae visit was 2 or was it 3 yrs ago. gah im so scared fml

    mg30: err thanks for the reassurance.

  10. Endro, fibriods etc etc visit a gynae, endro can be removed with medication but it just takes longer. Fibroid have to be removed surgically. Go for a checkup, it could save you the pain.

    Good Luck.

  11. You could try going on The Pill to reduce cramps. They have some new ones which are quite good to regulate flow and cramps with very little or no side effects.

  12. Erm, this is going to sound weird…but you know the Kadazan dance? You can do that at home to ease the cramps. I TOLD YOU IT WILL SOUND WEIRD! But it truly works!

    AS for your second spurt of puberty, growing ONE nipple hair is okay. For me it’s the constant WTF, I need to shave my armpits AGAIN? And then I sit and tell myself, better to have hair continuously growing (albeit in all the “wrong” places) than to lament why I am getting bald. *touchwood*

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