tax, shopping and irresponsible dog owners

i’m trying to do this tax thingy and i’ve never been so baffled before. thank goodness for the suan and ky in answering my n00b questions. seriously, wtf is this…how do people do it? filing tax is fucking shit.

am nursing a cold with loads of lemsip. it’s the best thing ever. panadol soluble? bah. we bought loads of lemsip on our last trip to uk. i wonder when we’re going to have them here. lemsip is the shiznit.

#1 – Lemsip

my cosmetic stash bought from strawberrynet has arrived safely. i’m quite impressed with the way they had packed the stuff. each item was meticulously wrapped with silver coloured paper or bubblewrap and then placed in a box stuffed with styrofoam.

#2 – it has arrived!
it has arrived

#3 – styrofoam nuggets.
styrofoam nuggets

#4 – the goodies.
the goodies.

#5 – unwrapping. this is the part where it felt like xmas morning.

#6 – xmas came early.
xmas came early

#7 – arezia 36 colours!
arezia 36 colours

anyway, i’ve been following this forum thread about a puppy owner seeking donation of RM1500 for CAT scan for her sick 3 month old puppy. seemed like a legitimate case until it was revealed how irresponsible the owner is and how the pet store owners (who sold her the puppy in the first place) themselves have taken to task to care for the poor puppy instead (kudos to the folks at Fluff Pet Store in NZX). all because the owner claims she and her family members have no money. wtf, no money why get a puppy? stories of irresponsible pet owners get me really fucking angry. if you can’t afford it don’t get em. they’re not toys that you can chuck and dispose when you’re bored or when they’re sick. caring for a dog takes up a lot of money, time and patience if you’re lacking of any of those just don’t fucking bother ok.

now, back to figuring out this income tax thing -__-

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  1. everythingmalaysia: i have file my taxes! w00t

    mell: true that!

    ky: i’ll kill u and eat u up :P

    hb: e-filling is really easy. took me less than 10 minutes

    shikin: u love what? :)

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